Touch of Pink Lawsuit Marches On

As proceedings continue, the Touch of Pink versus Mary Kay Inc case continues on. Apparently the jury has been selected because a jury roll now exists in the documents of the case. There have … [Read more...]

Numerous Victories for Touch of Pink Cosmetics

The case between Mary Kay Inc and Touch of Pink Cosmetics continues. Recent court documents filed show that Touch of Pink has been successful in refuting some of the accusations Mary Kay Inc has made … [Read more...]

Mary Kay Canada Sues Touch of Pink Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics Ltd., known as Mary Kay Canada, filed suit on February 3, 2009 against Touch of Pink Cosmetics and its owners, Amy and Scott Weber. According to court documents, Mary Kay Canada … [Read more...]

Latest Documents Filed in the Touch of Pink Lawsuit

Mary Kay Inc. wants to depose (interogate) Amy Weber again, according to documents filed in the Mary Kay Inc. versus Touch of Pink Cosmetics lawsuit. Amy Weber traveled to Dallas and gave her … [Read more...]

Touch of Pink Cosmetics Files Summary Judgment

On November 26th, 2008, defendants Amy and Scott Weber of Touch of Pink Cosmetics filed a Summary Judgment in their continuing proceedings of the lawsuit broungt against them by Mary Kay Inc. A … [Read more...]

Touch of Pink Cosmetics and Mary Kay Inc Agree to Mediation

Mary Kay Inc and Touch of Pink Cosmetics have agreed to enter into mediation to settle their dispute. The original court date set for this fall has been moved back to February 2009. We'll keep … [Read more...]

Agreed Protective Order Filed in Mary Kay Lawsuit Against Touch of Pink

An Agreed Protective Order was filed in the Mary Kay Inc. vs Touch of Pink Cosmetics case on 14 July 2008. What the heck does that mean? Who did Touch of Pink Cosmetics buy MK products from? We may … [Read more...]