Blessed Says You’re Just Mad Because You Couldn’t Make It Work

Your Name: Blessed! Date Joined MK : 11/07 When Left MK or Still Active?: Active Initial Inventory Purchased: $3500 How were you recruited?: By a friend. Memorable experience … [Read more...]

Lies and the Golden Rule

Mary Kay Ash founded the Company on the Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."So let me ask you this: Do you like being lied to? You see, a lot of women who were in Mary … [Read more...]

Movin’ Up with Gloria Mayfield-Banks

Here's Gloria's formula for success. Movin' Up with Gloria Mayfield-Banks … [Read more...]

David Cooper’s 75 Questions

The 75 phrases that David Cooper teaches Mary Kay Consultants to use at the beginning of each question. David Cooper's 75 Questions … [Read more...]

The Difficult Part of a Mary Kay Business

From NSD Kathy Goff The Difficult Part of a Mary Kay Business … [Read more...]

Mary Kay Terminology: S thru Z

sales aids Section 2 items on the Consultant order form purchased by the Consultant from the Company that promote the sale of products; e.g. product samplers, skin care class supplies, literature, … [Read more...]

Mary Kay Terminology: J thru R

Ladder of Success program - Incentive program to encourage Independent Beauty Consultants to achieve consistent sales goals. See “Star Consultant.” Leadership Conference - A Company-sponsored … [Read more...]