Remember Those Lawsuits Against MK Liquidators I Mentioned in December?

You surely remember my post on December 6, 2008 regarding the fact that Mary Kay Inc was targeting online resellers of Mary Kay products with lawsuits. As you know, I take seriously the privacy of … [Read more...]

No More Discontinued Color Products on Consultants’ Websites: Now What?

One of our active consultant members sent me the latest copy of the Mary Kay "eMessenger," the email newsletter that MK Inc. sends to its consultants. Buried in the middle of the newsletter is this … [Read more...]

If You Sell Mary Kay Products on eBay…Beware!

Just wanted to post this to increase the likelihood that resellers and liquidators will see this. I have posted this on eBay as well. Mary Kay Inc Files Lawsuits Against Numerous eBay Sellers of … [Read more...]

MK Inc. Thinks Touch of Pink is Bad? This MK Reseller is Stealing All of Their Copyrighted Pictures!

I've been trying to get the word out to resellers of Mary Kay that MK Inc. is filing hundreds of lawsuits against liquidators. In doing so, I stumbled across this Mary Kay reseller who is … [Read more...]

Another Liquidator Sued by Mary Kay Inc.

I just received an email from yet another Mary Kay inventory liquidator that they were served with a lawsuit on Monday. This person has been selling on eBay and her own online store since … [Read more...]

Mary Kay Inc. Sues Another Inventory Liquidator!

I received an email from a Mary Kay inventory liquidator that she was served with a notice that she was being sued by Mary Kay Inc.!  I guess Touch of Pink Cosmetics has some company now. This … [Read more...]