Inventory Return

Mary Kay Corp. Product Repurchase Department: 972-687-4700

IMPORTANT NOTE : Many consultants have reported problems getting through to the Product Repurchase Dept. at Mary Kay Corp. They are reporting a constant busy signal. If you should experience this, please call 1-800-272-9333 and follow the prompts.

One of the features that supposedly makes the Mary Kay businesses opportunity “risk free” is the fact that the company offers to buy back any inventory you purchase within the first year and refund 90% of its cost.

What most consultants aren’t told, however, is that it is ANY year, not just your first 12 months. So if you have been a consultant for five years, you may return all Section 1 inventory you purchased in the last 12 months and receive a check for 90% of its cost (Section 2 items are NOT subject to the repurchase provision.)

Where to start:

You have to call the Mary Kay Repurchase Department to get the process started. Tell them you would like to return your inventory for repurchase. They will then be able to give you a total dollar amount of inventory that you are eligible to send back. Then make sure you ask them to send you the form.

The repurchase form lists all of the current Section 1 inventory. You simply have to indicate the quantity of each item you are returning. There is also a space to list any Limited-Edition or discontinued items you are sending back, but the space is small so you will probably want to attach a separate itemized list if you have a lot of these items.

download the inventory spreadsheet

While you’re waiting for the inventory return form from Mary Kay corp., our Excel worksheet will help you tally all of the inventory you are returning so that you know where you stand.

Here are a few facts regarding the program:

You may send back any Section 1 inventory that you purchased within the last 12 months.
NOTE: Limited-edition and discontinued items will be valued based on what the product is currently being sold for by the company, which may not be the same as what you paid. If an item is on the “Pink Sale” then that is the current retail value of that product.

You can send back your unused starter kit as well. The likelihood that it is unused is probably slim to none, but if you never used it, you can send it back for 90% repurchase as well.

Section 2 items are not eligible for the repurchase.

The Company’s cost of any prizes or product bonuses you were awarded because of
your initial inventory purchase will be deducted from your return.
Also, if you owe the Company money for any reason (chargebacks, etc) those will be deducted as well.

You do not have to notify your director you are returning inventory

But be prepared for a phone call or two trying to talk you out of it. Funny how when they recruit you, they don’t want you to over think the decision to join, but when you want to quit, they want you to take your time.

Returning product does not necessarily burn any bridges

Supposedly you are not allowed to join MK ever again if you return inventory to the company. But I know many people who recruited consultants who did, and I’m one of them. If they know you’ve got someone who wants to join and they want to come in with a huge order, they’re probably going to let them.

Your director or whoever recruited you will receive a “chargeback” of any commission they earned from your initial inventory order.

Don’t let that deter you. Everyone knows that it is a possibility. Don’t feel guilty.

You don’t need to have the boxes for all your products.

If you have something without the box it comes in, don’t sweat it. As long as it is unused, return it.

Standard processing time of your refund is four to six weeks from the time your products are received by the company.