The PinkLighthouse Forum has been retired

If you’re visiting this page, then you no doubt were either a member of or frequent visitor to the PinkLighthouse Forum, which resided at this address for over six years.

After tens of thousands of posts, I felt it was time for a change.

There were also numerous maintenance issues that I was no longer willing to take on. While the discussion on the forum was lively for years, with the increased popularity of social media sites, especially Facebook, activity on the forum gradually decreased to a trickle.

Then there’s the issue of “moving on.” Most of the people who visited the forum came to get information, to vent, to find support, and to find a way to recover from the whole experience. Once they did, it was time to close the Mary Kay chapter in their lives and move on. After all, what’s the point of talking about something over and over? Not much.

So recently, I made the decision to close the curtain on the forum. It’s time for something new.

I am planning a new place where we can get together and chat and where those who want to can trade products. I’ll be announcing this shortly.

In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the site, add your comments, and thank you for making this site a success!