It’s Ho-Ho-Holiday Open House Time!

The months of November and December are Holiday Open House season for Mary Kay Consultants.

Mary Kay meetings become filled with Directors showing Consultants how to make pretty gift baskets filled with Mary Kay products and how to set up hundreds of dollars of inventory in pretty displays all over the house.

When I was a consultant, I too was convinced that Holiday Open Houses were the thing to do. I spent hours cleaning the house, getting a few food goodies set out for guests, making all my Mary Kay special edition items looking grand…and yet, I really didn’t sell a whole bunch. Open houses took a great deal of time and didn’t really deliver.

Sure, there were always one or two consultants who sold 500 or 1000 or 2000 dollars worth of Mary Kay to dozens of guests.

But for the most part, consultants just didn’t have enough customers to even justify such a holiday event, let alone to get many sales.

Did you ever do an open house? If so, was it a success?


  1. I had my open house last month and sold well over $1000.  Granted, I put work into it and sent invitations to over 100 people and gave up about 8 hours of myu weekend, but I had over 15 people show up and made $500 for my time.  BTW I’m only a senior consultant, so It’s not like I have 1,000’s of customers and free cars.  I only have about 60 people on my mailing list.  It’s about putting hard work into what you do and constantly giving great customer service year round.

  2. Good for you Danielle. But lots of consultants put lots of work into open houses and don’t have a large customer base and still do not have the results you had.

    Some of it is luck. It’s not simply about customer service. You can have great customers who don’t really have any interest in the open house whatsoever.

    If you count the time it took you to clean your house, send out invitations and all the other extras, many consultants find the amount of profit made at an open house isn’t worth it.  But as I said…good for you.

  3. I’m really unsure about why everyone thinks Mary Kay is such a scam. I’m sorry for your bad luck, but like the previous poster said, it truly is about time and dedication. People have to learn to work hard (Does anyone even know what that means anymore?), they cannot expect to do the least amount possible and then complain, OR complain because of all the hard work they put in and only sold *xx* amount- well *xx* amount is better than nothing. Mary Kay is no different than any other business out there, it takes time and hard work, nothing that is worth anything comes by easy. If you have an Open House and only sell a small amount- BIG DEAL, move on, do it again, think what you could have done differently, BUT, dust yourself off and move on! People look to blame someone for their short comings. IF it is not working for YOU, sit down and try to figure out how you CAN make it work instead of spreading around all the reason it WILL NOT work.

    • Actually, Mary Kay IS different than any other business out there. I appreciate your input, but your “work harder” schpiel has been repeated over and over. And it’s baloney.

      Yes, there are people who don’t work hard. Yes, there are people who have no business in sales. But there are LOTS of women who were told how easy it is to make money in MK, only to find out it isn’t easy and it’s nearly impossible.

      I’m afraid your comment will do nothing but increase the depression of someone in MK who figures there must be something wrong with them because their little MK “business” isn’t working, instead of them looking at the reality: that MK is an MLM, that the “customer” that MK talks about is the consultant, and that only a few make any significant money at all. A part-time job would be more profitable.

  4. Faded Pink says:

    I do not want to argue with anyone. The heading said  “speak your mind>” Here goes…

    Usually when people “work hard” they have something to show for it.

    I don’t care how many phone calls you make, how many e-mails you send out, how many business cards you hand out, how many people you compliment and invite to “be a face model”, or how many beauty boxes you put out, or flyers you place on doors in your neighborhood, no matter how many parties you book (that don’t hold), no matter how you plan or pray, you cannot make people buy anything from you.

    In the real world there is a lot of competition from other cosmetic companies. Add to that the many other MK consultants in the same area where you are trying to build a faithful customer base, only to find out your “loyal” customer is getting the same thing (at a DISCOUNT) from her cousin who just signed up as a MK beauty consultant!

    When your family and friend base drys up and they don’t answer or return your calls, when the ones who are still speaking to you give “pity orders” that cost you more to order than you make, because you don’t have what they want in your “inventory”, when you’ve used up your savings and please do NOT even mention credit cards, when you stop long enough to add up how much you’ve “invested”  in your “business” and compare it to how much you are actually SELLING…and someone says YOU ARE NOT WORKING HARD ENOUGH…

    Well, my pink sunglasses are faded enough to translate that into…YOU ARE NOT WILLING TO MANIPULATE OR BE MANIPULATED.

    I guess I’m one of those lazy people who actually wants set hours and a pay check at the end of the week/month for my time and effort.

    end of rant….

  5. Faded Pink:  BRAVO!  Very well said!  

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