Mary Kay Mineral Eye & Cheek Colors Conversion Chart

A friendly reader of the site sent us this handy color chart to share with all of you.

It shows the old Mary Kay shades and the closest corresponding shade in the new mineral formulations coming out Summer 2008.

Mary Kay Mineral Eye & Cheek Colors Conversion Chart


  1. How convenient – all new colors coming out JUST before seminar & year end.  How many e-mails & calls will be made to make sure ALL IBC’s purchase all of these NEW colors?

  2. Thank you for posting the conversion chart. I had a customer asking me for the Orchid Cheek Color and I couldn’t find the conversion anywhere, until I Googled the color and was brought to this website. This is wonderful!

  3. I’m not seeing Wild Rose on there. I’m a customer and had a stock of it so I haven’t had to buy any more for a while, but I’m on the last one and my little girl got into it… yah. Any ideas for a color match for that?

  4. Alyssa Graham says:

    I am trying to use the conversion chart but cannot find here or anywhere else the equivalent to nutmeg powder blush. Can anyone help me?

    • Prue Riojas says:

      Were you able to find the equivalent color to the nutmeg cheek blush? I’ve been trying to find it also.

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