Mary Kay vs. Avon

Here’s a flyer that compares selling Mary Kay and Avon. I can’t guarantee the figures are current or that the information is accurate.¬† PLEASE NOTE: This flyer is out of date. It is provided here because it was a document, like the others we have on the site, that were distributed by directors and other consultants in Mary Kay. If you have a more current version of the AVON commission structure, feel free to pass it along.

Mary Kay vs. Avon


  1. Wow, after reading all these posts and even had a few laughs at the ridiculous cat fights, I think I’ll pass on becoming either a AVON or MK rep. I’ll have to find some other way to help pay back my expensive art school student loans… I’ll stand by the highways with a sign that says “Will paint for money”…
    Sad thing is, I was an advertising major, and I know better than to look into MLM… I just thought MAYBE.. JUST MAYBE… this one would be different. Thank you though, to all the posters. I would’ve probably made one of the most expensive mistakes of my life if it weren’t for you all!
    With undying gratitude,
    Debbie ūüėõ

    • Oh my gosh you too?! I have huge behind art school loans to pay off, which is why I’m looking into this right now so I can start saving up money to do so once I finish. Art school is hard work on the pockets but it’s so worth it <3 I am currently majoring in MAA (Media Arts and Animation) so I have no idea on what's good or bad as far as steps to make. I wanted to look into MK or Avon just to see if it's really all that it's cracked up to be and from seeing that it's such a turnoff. Even if the deposit is only $10…that's $10 I can use to buy another art tablet! So, it's definitely something to think about.

      I'm a huge go-getter kinda person anyway and my mom's best friend told me to look into selling Avon or Mark Kay because she has done both. She's currently with Avon now and she makes a pretty good penny! But going to art school where the fashion majors are rolling out lipstick tubes by the second, I think I'll have a better chance at building a client-base faster.

      I'm thinking but I'm totally thinking hard about this. I don't want to do something I'm not gonna like at ALL~

      • Paisley,
        I think you will be great if you are smart about decisions.  You do not need all the samples they say you do.  You are able to return any item to the company that a customer did not like so I NEVER buy samples.  Start small.  You do not need thousands of inventory.  Since you have access to such a large group of makeup lovers I would start with them all together placing and order to get you started.  The only bad part is that if you buy 1 eyeshadow or $10,000 worth of merchandise you will pay $8.75 shipping.  Bulk orders are best.  I typically send out the catalogs and then spend a day sending out mass text messages or emails saying I am placing an order this weekend.  My customers love that I am reminding them but noth hounding them.  I would be happy to share more ideas if you want.  You can find me in the forum.  Read alot and do nto get sucked into the prizes and gimicks.  If you decide to do this then BE SELFISH and make decisions on what YOU need.  NOT what your director or recruiter want you to order.


  2. i’ve been in MK for about a little over a month now. and i like it a lot. i love the products. i get compliments for how my makeup is done even though some of my makeup is certainly not MK. lips yes (raspeberry lipliner, appleberry lipstick and starry lip gloss)…great combination. although when i started, my DIQ STRONGLY suggest i order inventory. notice i said STRONGLY not FORCED. i got excited and she told me the ways i could get inventory (credit cards, loans, saving etc). but good thing i listened to my fiancee and his mom and steered clear of inventory. they have that saying that mary kay says “you can’t sell out of an empty wagon” well guess what? i sold out of an empty wagon. i sold with just my starter kit. so yes, i will avoid inventory and keep sellinbg out of my “empty wagon”. i do love the colors, i’m more of a color than skin care type of girl. so yep…..MK or avon, remember it is YOUR business and run it the way YOU want to. don’t let the higher ups make you do anything because remember its going to be your money not theirs that orders inventory. so that is my two cents. i’ve enjoyed reading the posts. i’m now going to bed. so goodnight!!!!

    • I liked reading your feedback, it seems that you have a balanced view. I see redflags whenever a comment is ALL NEGATIVE or ALL POSITIVE. There has got to be a middle ground and I am encouraged that you seem to be doing well without purchases so much inventory!!

      Question: Did your starter kit order alone, qualify you for the 50%discount or did you only get that after you sold $200 worth of products from your starter kit.

      I can only afford the starter kit and this point in time and I REFUSE to go into debt for any business venture.

      • Elaine,
        Inventory is an option.¬† Your starter kit is to get you started – it has nothing to do with the 50% discount.¬† The discount kicks when you place your order.¬† However, during the month of April – your starter kit is only $50…so now would be the time to join and get your business up and running.¬† Don’t let other people’s opinions sway you.¬† You will get out of MK what you put into it – just like any other business.¬† If you work, you will be rewarded.¬† If you make excuses, nothing will happen.¬† You’ve already said you refuse to go into debt for any business so you could build up your cusotmer base and then as your business grows, you will have the funds to expand.¬† I hope this helps.

        • Angela, you are 100% right. My fiance has been a consultant for a little over 3 months now and you are right, you get out of it what you put into it. Going into this venture we set limits for her and what she could spend. Like the original poster she sold out of an “empty wagon” for the first month and made enough to get the $600 inventory package. All we spent out of pocket was the initial $100, now she hasn’t seen much profit since then but that’s because she’s been rolling whatever profit she would have made back into the business, ordering catalogs, marketing materials, and business supplies like business cards and a name tag and such. She’s finally at that level where she can sustain. It’s going to take work on her part but that’s what a business is, work. All of these posts from all the different websites irk me because they are so negative towards the business. The root of MK and AVON is that you will get out of it what you put in to it and don’t over extend yourself because like the other poster said, it’s your business and your money, no one but you is going to be responsible for bailing you out of a financial hole.

          So my advice from the significant others perspective is, if there is any hesitation, any doubt, don’t do it. If you want to and have the time to devote to it, it’s a great opportunity but don’t be the typical consumer and over extend your finances. Like any business there are good months and not so good months, but only perseverance and dedication will help you weather the storm.

  3. I have been with Mary Kay for 3 years.¬† I am pleased to say that for the most part, Mary Kay Consultants do not bag out other companies, if they are, then they shouldn’t.¬† Each have their positives.¬†

    The truth is, Mary Kay is easy but it is not a “get rich quick” scheme….you do have to go to work.¬† The more you work, the more clientele you build and the greater your income is – it’s not party plan either.¬† I became a Mary Kay Consultant (now a Director) because of the flexibility it offers, no quotas, no territories, no pressure.¬† I resigned from my full-time job after 10 months of being a Consultant and to achieve that I worked my Mary Kay Business about 8 – 10 per week.

    Consultancy with Mary Kay or any other direct marketing company, isn’t for everyone….don’t take others word on things, find out for yourself.¬†¬†

    I am not someone who makes decisions based on other peoples ‘say so’ they may have a bias opinion for whatever reason either negative or positive.¬† I decided to just “give it a go” and see how I went with it, so glad I did.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Sonya

  4. Kay- actually is my name =p says:

    I agree with the above two. I signed up after researching mk and talked to my director and while she encouraged me to buy inventory (I won’t even say strongly because she basically just said she thought I should) when I said I wasn’t really comfortable with that she that was fine and we could of course build my business from the starter kit up =) She, my consultant and my consultant’s consultant (my director is out of town, but my consultant and her consultant are in town) have all been very supportive and helpful. I signed up, got my starter kit and have already sold out of my empty wagon- as mkmyway put it, and will continue to do so =)

  5. I tried out being a MK Rep & it didnt work out for me. I just was unable to sell the products¬†because my customers would¬†tell me¬†it was a little over priced.¬†I am currently an Avon Rep.¬†I still experiencing¬†how the products¬†are selling so i really can’t say if its for me or not.¬†I think both company has its perks. I feel it depends on the individual which one is more suited for them. Have nothing bad to say bout either company.

  6. Im really debating on WHich one i should go with Avn or MK…..Mk sound better with earnings of 50% of sales. Ive seen more positives than negatives with MK also……Confused!

    • You don’t start making your 50% with MK until after you’ve placed your minimum $200 order with the company to keep you “active” for three months and even then, you’re still not making a full 50% shipping is ten bucks a pop every time, and there’s so many company things they want you to have that you wonder where your money went sometimes

      • Shipping is only $8.75 whether you order $200 or $1200….so true it would be best if you had a larger order to order it – but if you only have a $200 order, then order it.¬† You are active for a year – your discount kicks in when you order $200…so even if you skipped 4 months, when you ordered a $200 then your discount would kick in again.¬† You don’t have to have all the “company things” unless you are truly working your business to afford them.¬† It is just like any other business – you don’t invest in a large copy machine that costs $10,000 until your business is large enough to afford it.¬† If you are only selling to a few friends, then you don’t need al lthe other stuff – just order the products you need.

  7. I am considering joinin Mary Kay for the $50.00 Starter Kit. Like you all i have my doubts about joining. I have contacted a Consultant in my area, sent email with questions.. but am still unsure..
    I sell Avon myself, and thought that i would try sellin both Avon & Mary Kay to see which business endeavor i want to do. Yes Avon is $10. to start, but u dont get as much as what i see you do with Mary Kay.. Id like to do make-up parties and looks like Mk is best way to go.

    My thing is i dont have the $200, to purchase items to stay “active” . But am willing to try sellin from out of my kit if i do join. If anyone has any input they would like to share please do.. thank you

    • Sallie, Truly you only have to place a $200 order once a year to stay “active” with the company.¬† MK products can speak for themselves if you just get women to try them.¬† we have the largest customer loyalty base because once you try the products, you will love them AND they are budget friendly.¬† A Timewise cleanser is $18 but it can last you 4 – 6 months.¬†¬† Avon’s skincare cannot compare to the quality in MK, however Avon does have some cool accessories and fun stuff.¬† You can do both – just don’t feel pressured to order.¬† If you get 25 – 50 customers, you can maintain the¬† discount every few months.

      • Angela,
          Thank You. I was gonna join Mary Kay this month. Spoke to the lady i contacted about joining. Right now isnt a good month. Being Easter and having to make sure my kids have stuff is more important.  So the lady i contacted is going to give me samples to try.

        I have a lot of friends who prefer Avon over MK. But im willing to give MK a try.

        How often do they have the Kits for half price? If anyone knows could you please tell me..

  8. If you are going to do this, ONLY order from the company what is ordered from you.¬† Tell ur customers u are just starting and the order will go in on XYZ Day (then wait 2 days later b/c there is always someone late) – get 5 or 6 parties lined up beforehand.¬† Shipping is $ 8.95 + Tax and your $ 200 order has to be in 1 order, they won’t accept 2 $ 100 orders – so make those orders all together so they count.¬†

    Pop into the forum and check out some questions there!  There is a ton of info!  Click forum top left!

    • Tam,
      ¬† Thank You i will check the Forum. If I cant get parties booked, and i like MK items. Is it possible to order products for myself..? And does that count towards the $200 order to stay “active”
      Thank You.

      • hmmmm after reading the Forum.. I have changed my mind about joining . I think ill stay with Avon. Least i know i got customers (friends/ family) that will buy Avon products from me.
        thank you.

  9. MK doesn’t care if or to whom you sell, as long as you order $ 200 wholesale ($400 retail) in products to get ur 50%.¬† Probably good idea – most SD are pretty pushy and a lot of consultants end up deep in CC debt b/c MK conveniently offers you a cc as well!

    • Thanks I really dont need to go in debt. I got a family i need to think about. And there more important.

      Again thanks for steering me towards readin the forum to get a better idea on MK.

  10. I have been on the same confused boat as a lot of people out there it seems. I have contacted an MK consultant and the company sounds great to work for, if you have the client base to keep you active. The $200 to keep me active isn’t the issue, I want to not have to rely on myself to keep my head above water!¬† I don’t know many people so building a client base would be hard. I would love to take advantage of the $50 starter kit but, I don’t know if I could make it work. So I am pretty sure I have made up my mind to start with Avon. Everyone can find someting in the catalog that they can afford, even if they are just ordering to be a nice person. I think this one will be easier for me. Then once my business takes off and I have the “extra” money then maybe I will try to transition into MK. By then my kids will be older and maybe even have jobs—they could then place their own orders!¬† They will also have friends with jobs too!¬† So in the future MK will work better for me, but right now I just don’t have the money to get started!¬†
    Guess it will be a while before I am int he running for the use of a pink cadillac!

  11. So much about this flyer is not true. I can’t speak for Mary Kay because I am an AVON rep so let me clear up what I can about them. AVON does not require you to buy anything, no demos or samples. They don’t require you to buy catalogs either, but then how would you sell to your customers? DUH! With both companies you are and “independent” rep, meaning you are in business for yourself. All business owners know there is a cost to doing business. The catalogs are inexpensive when you conside 100 catalogs cost about $20. Where else can you start a business for $10? Also, your post is skewed to make Mary Kay look appealing because of the low selling requirements. But consider: 30 months to sell $400 @50% profit is $200. Two weeks to sell $1300 (not mandatory) @profit of 50% is $650; IN TWO WEEKS. Who wants to make $200 in three months. You are hardly paying your sign up fee. Also, you can make $200 many times over in those three months with AVON because you only need to sell $50 minimum to make profits, not $180. My last three campaigns I sold between $275 and $450. That’s $82 – $157 commission. See I already made my $200 in less than a month. Lastly, you have to practice “SENSE” in all you do. You, as an individual and business owner have to determine what’s best for you. AVON makes things available but never forces you to buy. And who would not want 50 customers. Afterall, you would become a rep to make $$$$$.

    • Apparently you didn’t notice my note that this is an old flyer. And of course it’s designed to make MK look better; it was a flyer that was frequently distributed by MK directors. I have no idea where they got their numbers and info, nor am I responsible for it. But I think it’s time to close the comments on this one. :)