Mary Kay Selling Tips

Yet another document with various ideas for how to sell Mary Kay. :-P

Mary Kay Selling Tips


  1. Retail is work, no doubt. It is unfortunate that people fail in business, but I think some folks just don’t understand business. I’ve had 3 successful small businesses in addition to my recent Mary Kay compliment. One was an accessory boutique – retail. I bought and sold items like purses, fashion jewelry, etc. at the exact same price point ratio as Mary Kay allows for it’s consultants: I had to buy some inventory first (started with a little and used profit to increase) buy for $1 sell for $2. All expenses, including store rent and utilities, employees, advertising, AND business growth planning, etc. had to come out of that gross profit. Mary Kay’s buy sell ratio allows an exact same gross profit model with which to run your business. It works, if you do. You can’t buy the kit, show a few friends and expect to earn well. It absolutely does allow for flexibility and earning. Naysayers… you may just need to take a few business and marketing classes and try something else. ps. failing in business the first or even second try almost always happened to people who have persevered and eventually succeeded.

  2. New to Mary Kay, have reached out to all of the Women on my Friends List (who are a lot of people I really don’t know, but have mutual friends, or I do know but have not spoken with on awhile) But have had no luck. Was suppose to be holding a party tonight, and now the girl after sending her a message yesterday after speaking and her saying she would do the Party Thursday, I sent her a message yesterday (Friday) and sent her one today just asking her if she had a time she would like to have this party, after not hearing anything, I sent a message simply asking her if she was still wanting to, and if not that is was okay, but to please just let me know. Still nothing. Just very, very frustrating. I think out of 100 messages, I got about 5 replies, one who is currently now not answering. I have reached out to people threw Social Media, with very little to basically no progress. I have made phone calls to neighbors, contacts in my phone, what little Family I have, and nothing. I don’t know what else to do, to get the things rolling with having parties, getting people to even try a free facial!

    • You need to start warm chattering. Talk to people at the stores you shop at, the banks, everywhere. Make little treat bags with your business card in it and go hand out to business women.

      • This is the WORST part of Mary Kay — the stupid “warm chattering,” otherwise honestly called unwanted soliciting. It’s annoying and can get you thrown out of many public places. Women aren’t stupid. They know why you are doing this. Maybe back in 1962 when all this MLM/Mary Kay stuff was new, they didn’t at first but now…give me a break!

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