Mary Kay Selling Tips

Yet another document with various ideas for how to sell Mary Kay. :-P

Mary Kay Selling Tips


  1. Retail is work, no doubt. It is unfortunate that people fail in business, but I think some folks just don’t understand business. I’ve had 3 successful small businesses in addition to my recent Mary Kay compliment. One was an accessory boutique – retail. I bought and sold items like purses, fashion jewelry, etc. at the exact same price point ratio as Mary Kay allows for it’s consultants: I had to buy some inventory first (started with a little and used profit to increase) buy for $1 sell for $2. All expenses, including store rent and utilities, employees, advertising, AND business growth planning, etc. had to come out of that gross profit. Mary Kay’s buy sell ratio allows an exact same gross profit model with which to run your business. It works, if you do. You can’t buy the kit, show a few friends and expect to earn well. It absolutely does allow for flexibility and earning. Naysayers… you may just need to take a few business and marketing classes and try something else. ps. failing in business the first or even second try almost always happened to people who have persevered and eventually succeeded.

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