Mary Kay Selling Tips

Yet another document with various ideas for how to sell Mary Kay. :-P

Mary Kay Selling Tips


  1. This was a great article! All of these tips are so creative and sound almost effortless (and with great return)! I just started a new job and work a 40 hr work week so my business has been on hold lately.

    One tip that I got from my sales director is to buy a plastic fishbowl and put a sign on it that asks people to drop their business cards in for a chance to win a free facial. Put these fishbowls at banks or laundromats, and then come by at the end of the month to pick out the lucky winner! I havent actually tried it (a lot of businesses are funny about that) but I heard it works well!

  2. So then at the end of the month you might have ten people to call – most screen their calls and don’t answer – or say they’ll call you back (and don’t) – or set up an appointment for the facial (and cancel 1/2 hour before – or worse just doesn’t show up) – or have the facial, say they like it, but doesn’t order anything – worse yet, want to try 15 shades of lipstick and then just buys a lipstick – ultimately they just want to sell YOU something!  You might get one repeat order customer, but they are probably 1 in 100.  That takes up way too much time & energy & money out of MY pocket.

    • I am a new Mary Kay consultant and have spent a lot of time reading reviews both good and bad about the business, the consultants, customer experiences. Just about anything and everything I can get my hands on.

      And I have learned several things.

      Mary Kay isn’t for everyone. Some people just can’t do it. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people can work extra hard and make it work, others cant.

      You get what you give. You can’t half it and expect to get what you want. You have to really really work for it. Some people have easier starts than others.

      Some techniques work for some of us while it doesn’t for others. That is for sure! I have read where consultants tried something a friend did and it didn’t work for them but had worked great for their friend. Don’t knock it til you try it and it it doesn’t work, its not a bad thing.
      Here are two quotes by Thomas Edison, that I think really suit Mary Kay in a direct yet indirect way:
      “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
      This is true because there are still hundreds of things to try :)
      “If I find 10,000 ways something won’t work, I haven’t failed. I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.”
      That it is! It isn’t a step back really, just a small detour :)

      My unit leader Jackie has been amazing teaching me what I need to know, and giving me room to try things my own way, and telling me what has worked for her too! She never fails to stress don’t be pushy. Never harass people.

      My first party we had 7-9 people scheduled. Everyone but 2 canceled within a 5 minute period the morning of the party. I was totally crushed. The hostess had spent a good bit of money on drinks and snacks. But it turned around to be a positive thing because I sold over $200 that night.

      Sorry if this is all jumbled, I am in a room full of people and its kind of distracting.

      But my point remains the same. You get what you give and your heart needs to be in it. Amazing things will happen for sure!

      • This comment helped me the most. Thanks. And I love the quotes.

      • What can I say…this is the best thing I have read so far! Like you said this is not for everyone. For me I see it like to start it is hard, but if I don’t try it, someone else will. And they are the ones driving a car and/or making extra money.

      • Thank you for posting this. I just started MK and its very encouraging to read what you wrote! Thank you!!!

      • I totally agree with you. It’s like the gym, if u don’t go often, its not gonna work. I am a third time Mary Kay consultant, and this is the first time I REALLLLLY put lots of effort into it, and the other two times.. I made extra money. This time , I have busted my butt! Now Im a director after 1 year signing up and earned the Chevy Cruze. So glad I didn’t give up when things got tough. Not for everyone, I agree. Only the strong survive. This opportunity is amazing! Plus I love what I do!

      • Love the comment some people can work extra hard and make it work and others can’t wow spoken by a true brain washed Mary Kay woman. They say they empower women yet make them wear skirts and miss family events. Its a waste of time

        • Nikol Jones says:

          It’s not a waste of time you just can’t do it and that is okay its a lot of women making plenty of money on Mary Kay your just not one of them. BYE!!!!!

        • Amy Phillips says:

          The worst thing I heard a previous MK consultant complain about is, “a seminar made me miss my son’s birthday! ”

          I’m sorry but this is a pathetic excuse. If an MK consultant is missing birthdays and family events, then it’s no one’s fault but their own.
          Get your priorities straight, and stop complaining

          • Never mind that directors pressure consultants to go to Seminar and put it above ALL else, including family events. It happens, and if you don’t realize this then maybe you were never around any of these MK people.

  3. One tip that I got from my sales director is to buy a plastic fishbowl and put a sign on it that asks people to drop their business cards in for a chance to win a free facial. Put these fishbowls at banks or laundromats, and then come by at the end of the month to pick out the lucky winner! I havent actually tried it (a lot of businesses are funny about that) but I heard it works well!

    Sarah Foster, listen to what Trixie says and save yourself a lot of time and disappointment.  I even tried it offering a gift certificate for the  place of business with a free MK facial. 

    People had the audacity to suggest I mail them the gift certificate because they didn’t want the free MK facial..that should tell you haow many people REALLY want a MK facial, free or otherwise.  The fishbowl thing never worked for me.

    If you haven’t invested in inventory yet, wait until you have some classes and facials and then order what you need.  It will save you a great deal of debt and you’ll also find out if you have any repeat customers before you stock a few items for your loyal customers.

    By the way, you will find very few customers that are loyal only to you.  They don’t feel any obligation to buy exclusively from you, no matter how good your customer service is. 

    After servicing a “regular” customer for several years, I decidedto quit MK and I offered to give her the name of a consultant that would give her good customer service.   I was shocked to hear that she already had a consultant, but was ordering from me and alternating between her regular consultant.  I was shocked. because she orignally  had called me looking for MK as she had been referred to me  by a mutual friend.

    • I might justt try that I just got in selling Mary Kay and I have a lot of customers I’m really excited to see how everything goes for me I’m new but so far I been offering it everywhere I go and the tip you are giving sounds like a good idea:)

    • Well with such a negative attitude about MK it doesnt surprise me that it didnt work for some of you. Negativity breeds negativity.

      • I so agree…….if you go into anything with a negative attitude….you will get negative results. I have been in some sort of sales or another for over 25 years and have found that if you go at it with a positive attitude and outlook, you will get positive results. I am getting ready to become a Mary Kay consultant and all of the negative comments have just fueled me to succeed even more. Usually a negative experience with something comes from one of two things – 1) not having support with training, or 2) a negative attitude. Since I know for a fact that Mary Kay gives lots of support and free training, the problem must have been attitude.

      • Amen. Mary Kay has been a great, huge blessing for me and my family.

      • amen!

        • Totally agreed. All thru the training and MK manuals and meetings, they say over and over again a positive attitude is everything. As women we pick up even the slightest negativity from others. If you don’t feel positive on a day you are handling customers, you “fake it till you make it. ” no one wants to be around let alone buy from someone negative. They say the first year is the hardest. I just sold $400 in one day…… And that’s just the beginning. Mary Kay Ash didn’t give up when everyone told her she would fail…… Here is to positivity!!!!!!!

  4. “save yourself a lot of time and disappointment”

    The thing that I keep remembering is “Activity builds courage…inactivity builds fear” so
    even if the activity does not yield the monetary results I expect, it will still build my confidence if I look at the big picture. Now if fishbowl marketing is all I am doing, then I will fail but if it is just one of many activities I am doing, it will just be aanother rung in the ladder of success.
    Cheryl “the Mompreneur” Coldiron

    • Mompreneur Good one!!!  I agree with you!

      • Cathi, you are commenting to an old post from Cheryl Coldiron, if you look further you will see that she got out of MK and returned her inventory, realizing MK was not for her!

    • Stephanie P. says:

      Wow. Cheryl, you must be a sad life to be so negative about a gesture that small, but genius.  If someone has a full-time job, they really don’t have time to sit on their behinds all day (which apparently you do) and think of marketing ideas.  Get serious about life, and realize different things work for different people.  You are probably just upset because you didn’t think of the fish bowl idea yourself.  I’m sure with the luxurious life you seem to be living (seeing that you doubted such a mere idea), you will make plenty of $ and advise us ALL on how to do it. 

    • Love it! If you want to succeed, if you have to, fail your way to the top!

  5. Sassy_C says:


  6. Lipstick says:

    Now if fishbowl marketing is all I am doing, then I will fail but if it is just one of many activities I am doing, it will just be aanother rung in the ladder of success. XOXO -  Cheryl “the Mompreneur” Coldiron

    That was the most insincere XOXO I’ve ever seen…and after your comments, I would guess you missed the “Go-Give” classes and the “Golden Rule”.  You obviously have not read any other parts of this board or you would know we didn’t just sit back and wait for money to fall into our pockets.  We worked our business hard and with integrity!

    “Coldiron” is a fitting name for you!

    • Cheryl Coldiron says:

      Hi Lipstick
      I was just trying to help.
      Sounds to me like you need to take your own advise. I come here and post one time and you jump all over me…an unprovoked attack.
      Looks like you got to use your Mary Kay training after all because in my experience, most mk rep are dog eat dog and are always clawing their way to the top while  leaving behind innocent victims like me who were dumb enough to trust them to begin with.

      • Lipstick says:

        Coldiron…is MK not quite as wonderful as it was in March 2009?  Sounds like you have totally changed your attitude about MK.  How are the rungs on the ladder of success?  Could it be that what we said was right, MK is not what they say they are?
        What have you been doing for the last year and what changed your mind about MK?

        • Cheryl Coldiron says:

          I never said I liked MK.
          I was just trying to answer a marketing question .
          I was never quite comfortable with being told how to dress ect….I guess I’m just an old hippie at heart but I do love to market products .
          I just could not give my  heart to MK…even went to a big event but it all seemed hollow to me.
          I saw my friends working 80 hours a week and terrified of losing their cars.
          I was not willing to sacrifice what MK requires to succeed.
          As for what I have been doing over the past year, after I got rid of my inventory, I found a few internet programs to keep me just busy enough but not too busy.

          • Hello Cheryl, I got on google to get more ideas on how to sell MK… but ran into you all talking on it… I did have a question for you … can you email me on my eamil and then Ill get back to you … I really dont know how to even get back on this page to even check what you would say if I left it on here..
            Thanks :)

        • Lovin life says:

          SOunds like ya’ll are back in high school again

      • Good one again Chery!!

      • I’m not interested in feuding or trying to be negative…but I have been frustrated in the MK business. I love the products and have met some wonderful people. However, in anything a great teacher or boss can sometimes make or break a student or employee. I can not deny that I do not always appreciate my director’s approach she can be extremely pushy, condescending and snobbishly rude.  People do not respond well to pressure and in todays economy people have enough pressure to deal with. So I can sympathize with someone who joined MK to have fun while making a few bucks here and there, then WHAM their director is riding them as if they were running a multi a million dollar project for Donald Trump…I’ve been on the receiving end of this and its anything but fun.

        With that said this is your business and you need to run it where its comfortable and accomodating to you and your family. Don’t feel pressured into doing anything that makes you uncomfortable or places your family in a financial hardship. There are so many ways to market that are Free: Facebook, LinkedIn create your own Daily Deal within your social media to entice customers, fundraisers donate 10-20% of your commission to benefit a school sports team, charity, church etc its for a good cause and you’ll get positive results. Network, Network, Network build relationships with other people so you can share a referral service never close that door. I had a woman I approached for MK she turned me down, said she doesn’t wear makeup and couldn’t afford MK skincare line…her ultimate goal was to get her bakery business numbers in the “black”, so when my sister graduated this year from college and my son had his bday I bought my cakes from her. Both times I went in and asked how business was doing and if I could have some business cards to hand out at my sisters and my sons party. She was so greatful that she offered to take my business cards/Look catalogs to place on her counter and 2 months after that she referred one of her clients she was making a wedding cake for to get their bridal makeup from me…and I sold $200 worth of products. These are marketing tips that worked for me…I don’t pressue beacuse I don’t like pressure and if you give you will receive…I truly believe that. I am still active in MK regardless of my intense director, I choose not to particpate in her pressure meetings and joined a womens networking group which helped me and my business. Everyone has a diferrent measure of what “being” sucessful is, just find the one that fits your needs and goals not anyone elses and you will find success.

        • I love the way you do business! I am a consultant and I don’t like to be bullied into buying anything. It’s about building relationships; and as a result, I can’t get myself to go out of business if I tried because my customers always recommend me to others. People love to be respected and I pride myself in giving my customers the best service. I truly believe in the philosophy of God first, family second and career third..hasn’t failed me yet!

        • What is ur networking group tell me about it I’m new to MK

        • I have read tons of negative and tons of positive about Mary Kay. It truly comes down to the person. How hard they work it and how badly they want it? Period.

          People that claim they were pressured into buying inventory…did those people put a gun to your head? Most likely not. We were given free will for a reason. They answer should have been no I can’t afford inventory right now. If they still didn’t take that for an answer and continued to pressure you… well it’s your fault if you caved. I bought inventory because I wanted to not because I was pressured to (which I never was). My director suggested it once and the reasons why and that was the last time she said anything.

          Any self employed business is what you make it. If you network and work you business than you will see results. It’s no different if you were working for a company. If you work hard and apply yourself than most likely you are going to get a raise/promotion. If you go into it with a negative attitude and do the bare minimum than you will probably won’t see that promotion. Same applies for your Mary Kay business.

          Most of the negative comments/stories I see are usually by those that gave up too quickly or thought they would make heaps of money without doing the work.

          Wake up people. You have to work hard to see results and you have to spend money to make money. Business 101.

          • If you think that holding a gun to one’s head is the only way to manipulate, scared, or pressure someone, then you are obviously ignorant of psychology and have never heard of brainwashing either. Pressure and influence don’t involve weapons usually. Blaming someone for being susceptible to suggestion and the pressure put upon them is mean spirited at best.

            Consultants are given the clear impression that making money with Mary Kay will be pretty easy and that it won’t involve much time.

            Why don’t YOU wake up to the intricacies and realities of high-pressure sales and MLM.

    • Cheryl Coldiron says:

      You know Ive realized something. I am madder at me than anybody else because I got duped and fell for the bait. I sincerely apologize to all of you for acting like a jerk.
      I guess I did learn something at mk after all…..ugh
      I guess those that put into mk a whole lot more than I did really really  got burned.
      Who by the way should get a purple heart for their efforts.

      • lunamom says:


        Don’t beat yourself up.  This is a great site.  From what I’ve seen all the ladies are very welcoming and will understand where you are coming from.  I haven’t had a “bad” experience with MK, and even though my experiences are different, they have been very accepting and respectful.  I’m sure they will all join me in welcoming you to the forum.  You will find a lot of support. 

      • Lipstick says:

        Cheryl, I’m truly sorry things did not work out the way you wanted them to,  I hope you will visit us in the forum.  You will find an incredibly supportive,  friendly group of  ladies, and we talk about a lot more than MK
        Just click on the forum button at the top of the page and register as a member.  Looking forward to seeing you inside and getting to know you better!

  7. Butterfly says:

    Hello, me and my fiance just started the business, and we need all the resources we can get to expand our minds and succeed. Mary Kay offers many opportunities that with HARD work will benefit us a lot. My fiance feels a little weird because mary kay is mostly for women so we decided he is going to sell the MKmen and colognes…
    Hope all of you do great in your business and those of you that might be discourage pray and find encouragement within yourselves ’cause I know you have what it takes to become whatever you want to become.

  8. Butterfly, this is an anti-Mary Kay site.  I hope you will read around and enter the forum for information that may save you form incurring a lot of debt.
    Contrary to what they say,  all in Mary Kay do not put God 1st, family 2nd and career 3rd. For many recruiters and SD’s they put the focus on money 1st!
    Do yourself a big favor and educate yourself on how the system works by reading of others experiences in Mary Kay.  Most do not make as much money as a minimum wage job would provide, despite Mary Kay’s claims of making  a 6 figure income.  For most that simply does not happen.  Good luck to you and keep your eyes and ears open.

  9. Hey Butterfly there are two sides to this coin as you can see. I think the biggest thing is self motivation. Any business can be hard. Just make wise decisions. If you really feel like this is the right company for you than go for it! Hey I would say be careful on what you order if you order any sort of inventory. It is very true that many people get “sucked in to inventory” so be wise. If you want my advice, I’d say maybe a couple of sets of the skin care line and maybe a couple visibly fit lotions (something along those lines) I would NOT advise to go over $600 that is way too much and it is very hard to assume what make up people will want and what skin care products you will need(in my opinion) Your customers will all be different and will want different things. Any samples that you order don’t count for your MK Quota, but I’d advise to get some of them …I know you need at least a 200 whole sale order… In time if you both find that this is what you really want to do, you have set up some customers then you can start to stock a little, but just do one thing at a time. And if you keep the right heart, set goals, and work hard, with joy and patience anything is possible. God is GREAT! and does great things. Don’t get ahead of yourself *which is way to easy*, don’t spend to much money! Make some and then replenish and do that over and over and naturally let it grow. If you want other advice from me, just email me @… I’m gonna be real with you and try to be as helpful as I can. I am also doing the business as well… one step at a time is what I say.

  10. Prospective Mary Kay Consultant says:

    Hi ladies,
    I’m a married college student thinking of starting to sell Mary Kay. I was wanting to know if any of you would be confortable telling me how much you have to work at it and some ups and downs to the business. Thank you very much!

  11. You have to work it A LOT to make any money!  Yes, you would be able to pass out books on campus (provided it is allowed) but you will have to make calls regularly, once or if you can find customers, then you have to be available for classes – I know they quote 2 hours, but that does not include prep time, drive time, set up or breakdown, bringing it back home and putting stuff away.  Personally, I’d say about 5 hours if the class is fairly close, then you may or may not make much money.  You will be pressured to purchase inventory (of course there is a $200 min YOUR cost to get the 50% discount), supplies, books, gifts, bags, shipping on each order of apx $ 9, etc. – so you’ll need to have $ for the “investment” of your “opportunity”.
    If you want to make a regular income, I’d say a part time job would be a better bet, it would provide a steady income and regular hours.  If you want a tax deduction, then MK is the way to go.
    Join us in the forum – there is a section about MK in there that may help you to decide.  Just click “forum” at the top left hand side, and follow the instructions!  Hope to see you soon!

  12. lipstick.. you are totally rude..
    butterfly.. high five..
    i sell mary kay too an its an awesome opportunity..
    the rules by the way lipstick, isnt to put God first.. they just let you know an tell you that mk is a business that allows you to do so, unlike most..
    so listen.. an keep your ears open : )

  13. I love you too Sabrina,  is the go give attitude an option too?  I didn’t say anything rude, just speaking the truth, have you read the MK literature they gave you?  it says the company was founded on the principals of putting God first, family second and career third.  I didn’t make it up.

  14. Butterfly says:
    August 10, 2009 at 11:23 pm
    Hello, me and my fiance just started the business, and we need all the resources we can get to expand our minds and succeed. Mary Kay offers many opportunities that with HARD work will benefit us a lot. My fiance feels a little weird because mary kay is mostly for women so we decided he is going to sell the MKmen and colognes…
    Hope all of you do great in your business and those of you that might be discourage pray and find encouragement within yourselves ’cause I know you have what it takes to become whatever you want to become.

    Lipstick says:
    August 11, 2009 at 12:04 pm
    Butterfly, this is an anti-Mary Kay site.  I hope you will read around and enter the forum for information that may save you form incurring a lot of debt.
    Contrary to what they say,  all in Mary Kay do not put God 1st, family 2nd and career 3rd. For many recruiters and SD’s they put the focus on money 1st!
    Do yourself a big favor and educate yourself on how the system works by reading of others experiences in Mary Kay.  Most do not make as much money as a minimum wage job would provide, despite Mary Kay’s claims of making  a 6 figure income.  For most that simply does not happen.  Good luck to you and keep your eyes and ears open.
    Sabrina says:
    September 28, 2009 at 11:09 pm
    lipstick.. you are totally rude..
    butterfly.. high five..
    i sell mary kay too an its an awesome opportunity..
    the rules by the way lipstick, isnt to put God first.. they just let you know an tell you that mk is a business that allows you to do so, unlike most..
    so listen.. an keep your ears open : )
    Ok, is it me?!?!  Totally rude how exactly?

  15. To all the “negative nellies”:
    Mary Kay IS a business and like all business owners you must WORK!  In a “regular” JOB, do YOU get paid for drive time? Neither do we in MK, THAT is why we say we make XX amount of dollars at a SKIN CARE CLASS….not getting dressed time/not drive time/not organizing the office time.
    People that are SO negative are the reason MK women (& men) are SO positive.  We don’t like listening to people that are SO negative.  If you were to go to a bank and ask for a loan to start a business…..but by the way mr. loan officer, if I fail at my business, can I sell you all my inventory back and just walk away?  That loan officer is going to LAUGH at you…..yes, having inventory is an option MK offers (and I bought AND PAID OFF my first ENTIRE inventory), HOWEVER, if you SHOULD decide that MK isn’t for you, MK will BUY BACK your inventory!!  HOW is that a BAD situation Ms. Lipstick?
    The truth is, some people get in to mary kay thinking they won’t have to work as hard….I know of people being downsized in this economy from corporate america; started an MK business and are making MORE than they did in their 80,000 per year job.
    There is a marketing plan to follow…you MUST follow it.  If you think you’ll be a success doing it YOUR way….you won’t.  If you have a negative attitude, you won’t just fail at MK, you will fail at all you do….because THAT is what you’re setting yourself up to do.

    • Stephanie P. says:


    • CanadianMK says:

      Oh my goodness…. I have used Mary Kay products for years and my friend is a rep. She loves her job, loves the freedom, and loves the cars that she keeps winning. WOW. I am shocked at the catty behaviour that goes on here… Some people are great at direct sales just like some are great at singing or math or any other activity… I love my friend and she loves her job. She is able to do everything she wants. Even wins trips and Credit cards. She is far from pushy. Just has a lot of supportive ladies around her.

  16. Consistant Star…we’ve heard the “negative” baloney so long that your words have no effect.

    Yes, if you want to run a successful business, you have to put forth effort. But MK isn’t a real business. It’s basically a home-based franchise at best, a pyramid scheme at worst.

    Mary Kay Inc. doesn’t buy back 90% of your inventory because they have a warm fuzzy place in their heart: it’s required by law.

    Most people getting into Mary Kay think they’re actually going to make the kind of money that the company and its directors present. They actually think they’re going to be able to work the few hours they’re told and make some decent money. So why shouldn’t they? That’s how the “opportunity” is presented to them.  Then when they get in and realize all isn’t as presented it’s somehow their fault. THAT’S what I’m tired of.

    And recruiting everyone in sight and getting them to order thousands of dollars of inventory isn’t a marketing plan. It’s how pyramids stay alive!

  17. Ms Consistent Star….at a real job you get paid for organizing your office, putting away inventory, putting price tags on merchandise, making customer service phone calls, the company provides your supplies needed to work your job and most companies if you have a job that requires a business card, the company pays for that too!
    You don’t know me, but I worked my MK business for 8.5 years, I wasn’t looking for a free ride, but I did expect to make enough to have some for myself and to make some kind of profit,  sorry,  you are wrong.  BTW MK doesn’t offer the 90% buyback because they care ,they do so because they are required to, but don’t count on your SD , or your recruiter to tell you that you can return your inventory any time for 90% buyback of anything purchased in the last year. they keep that secret to themselves to protect their precious commissions.

  18. Read your Agrement. 

    The 90% buyback is only for merchandise that is less than a year old.

    It is not your business to do with as you please.  The company can terminate YOU at any time.


  19. ellenk says:

    Read your Agrement.
    The 90% buyback is only for merchandise that is less than a year old.
    It is not your business to do with as you please.  The company can terminate YOU at any time.
    ellen, all I can say is trread my post  and reread the agreement.  It says you may return to the company any product purchased within the past 12 months for 90% buyback.
    Most MK recruiters and SD’s will conveniently let you believe and even tell you the buyback option is only for the first year of your MK business.  Just another way they deceive those joining MK.
    Anyway ellen, you are right nobody owns their own MK business, every avenue of income and how, when and where to promote and sell product is dictated by MK for MK’s interests.  You can’t pass your business along to your heirs and you can’t pass along all your hard work, recruits and commissions when you die either.
    Take my advice and steer clear of MK and if you are so foolish to join then please enter the forum and read of the pitfalls and experiences of those who tried the business before you.

  20. I wonder HOW Mary Kay could  be restructured in order to stay in business and do what they say they are trying to do – empowering women.

  21. The 90% buyback is only for merchandise that is less than a year old.

    Wrong-O! They want you to think that, but actually the 90% buyback is available for products purchased within the past 12 months. If you read here, you’d quickly find that.

  22. hating on MK says:

    I think this is all obviously just a scheme…I see other “active consultants” in here flapping their jaws and trying to state what we (who have been there and done that) have already heard. What are you trying to do, get more comission? Because I for one am not buying into your empty promises . Why don’t you try it on those who DON’T know what you’re all about already? Because I’m not buying it…ANY of it. You only try to promote the ones that you “like” anyway, so go paint your nails or something already. No one gets rich off of your lame schemes. All I got was debt because my supposed “team leader” was going to “be there” for me…yet she never was, and after over $2000 in credit card debt to your precious “business”, I called it quits before your people could do more damage to my credit score. Also, it mainly only targets old ladies, none of the younger generation wants Mary Kay cosmetics…they want MAC, and who could blame them? I got the whole ” you can only get buyback the first year” and dance too. You should feel so proud of yourselves for being such accomplished liars. Bravo!

    • aroha adkisson says:

      hi i read your comment and im sorry that happened to you i just started mary kay and love it but i aint buying that wholesale. your director and team leader should of been there for you. if you ever wanna talk to me about MK let me know. Once again im so sorry well take csre

  23. Jennifer says:

    I am currently looking into becoming a Mary Kay Consultant. I’ve been researching it for the past 3 weeks. I’ve met with my soon to be Sales Director and asked many, many questions.  I’ve been presented with lots of materials to read that VERY CLEARLY go over the business. IT IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK business. It’s one that takes a lot of work and someone that can provided customers with great customer service that keeps them WANTING to come back to you. They don’t appear to have secrets…everything you have all mentioned is covered in their booklets…like any other business endeaver, it’s always a good idea to know exactly what you will be getting yourself into. It it a real big secret that you’re going to spend time in the car, traveling to your appointments or ordering supplies? How about organizing your office or marking prices on your items? To me, that’s a given, but I guess if you’re in any way surprised by this additional “time committment” than I would be frustrated too. I have chosen to become a consultant, knowing that I don’t want to go into debt, so won’t be purchasing eventory. OF COURSE they tried to talk me into buying inventory, but I’m my own person, making my own descisions and I said NO THANKS. Pretty simple. My advice to anyone looking to become a part of a business would be to PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS, SLOW DOWN, and ASK QUESTIONS.

    • Jennifer, what you say is true for the most part, but some of the details of the “MK business” aren’t that easy to find. And it isn’t that easy for people to slow down and ask questions and that’s their intention. They get people excited. It’s sales. It’s a process and it works. It’s easy to say the things you’ve said and I’ve heard them all before. But people aren’t rational beings and decisions are made over and over every day due to manipulation of emotions. That’s what advertising does. If everyone were like you and said no to inventory, MK would collapse in less than a year. Inventory is how the company makes money. It makes MK go ’round.

  24. Jennifer,

    I agree that the additional work is a given.  However, we were specifically told by sales director to “only count time actually spent at the party” when stating our income at sales meetings.   Sales of  $300 at party, 2 hours = $ 150 hour!  RAH RAH Clap Clap!

    Actually:  Sales of $ 300 at party, 2 hours
    Travel of 1/2 hour each way
    Prep time for party 1/2 hour (plus unpacking time) 1/2 hour – this is at home
    Set up and tear down for party, 1/2 hour
    Delivery of product, 1/2 hour
    Work up order when it arrives, 1/2 hour

    So we are up to about 5 1/2 hours with $ 300 in sales, $ 150 of which goes toward the purchase of product; $ 9 for shipping; apx $ 15 for products used at party and/or gifts; $ 30 for hostess credit; $ 40 in gas (if you get good gas mileage);  cost of books/samples placed in orders $ 5

    So you are making about $ 9 per hour, with this example.  This doesn’t count the time you spent attempting to book the party or any followup.

    $ 9 per hour is a lot less than $ 150 per hour.

    • $40 in gas where are you driving to do a party  halfway across the country?

    • So… um… if you had inventory, based on your numbers, you would save an hour per party and save on gas. Or you could have the party at YOUR house (which I do most of the time) because it’s just easier all around. Also, save money by providing hostess gifts that are full sized $10 retail products and same thing with the gift with purchase deals instead of buying the tiny “who really wants those anyway” gifts. Seriously, you have to work smart in ANY business. We can complain all we want about not making money but I was at a Nationals house last weekend who makes $400k a year. No, her w2’s wont say that and it shouldn’t… if she has a great tax accountant he’ll get her income down as much as he can so she wont have to pay those pesky taxes. Good luck.

      • Lipstick says:

        Katie, however you look at it, those deductions are REAL costs and they do reduce your income, period. Also the amount you deduct on your taxes is only a portion of what is actually spent and NEVER, more than what you sold!

        Just clarifying your post for those who do not know the Mk world and have never filed a schedule C. What her income tax form says is her TRUE income, think about it for a moment.

  25. Excellent break down Tam. You are so right on.

    Every MK sales meeting I ever went to featured the famous “top seller of the week” countdown (or really count up to the highest seller).  If the top seller sold $600 that week, the director ALWAYS said that the consultant made $300.00. And then the next question was “How many hours did you spend”? and the consultant usually answered somewhere between 2 and 6. In fact I don’t remember anyone ever saying they spent more than six.  So the consultant was touted as having made anywhere from $30 to 150 an hour. YAY!! Roars of applause from the crowd!


  26. lunamom says:

    Ok you ladies make some excellent points, however, they seem to be negative.  Now, I’ve been on here a few weeks and love the site because it presents (usually) both pictures, but I have to disagree with you here.  What I’m finding that is so cool about MK is that you can put in your 1/2 working up your order, 1/2 driving to drop it off, and whatever hours you put in calling when you are at home or even driving…. ON YOUR OWN TERMS.   I pack orders with my 2 1/2 year old running around and playing.  I can pause in the middle of that “back-breaking” 1/2 hr and change her diaper or play Dora if she really wants.  I can also drive with her to drop off an order and then get ice-cream or do whatever.  That to me is the beauty of this business.  Yes the classes might take a while, but I can choose to do them on the weekends so my husband can watch the baby and I don’t have to worry about a sitter. So for me that is worth it. 
    Yes paint a true picture.  But also paint it fairly.  MK is not no work, it’s simple, but not easy.   But it does have some IMO very valuable benefits.  I could never do that with a regular job or even a part-time on the side job.  So for those considering this business take that into account as well.  You may indeed spend more than the hours the way too Pro-Mary Kay’ers say, but IMO they are not as tedious as the Anti-Mary Kay’ers make it out to seem. 

    • Agreed lunamom. I take my Librarian’s order when I go drop off my Library books and pick up other orders she may have gotten. I pick up and drop off the post office orders when I go drop off my bills or other packages. They dont mind that it takes 2 or 3 days to get their orders. Sometimes I need an excuse to get out of the house too… *grin*

    • A consultant says:

      I am in the same boat as you. I started this buisness with Mary Kay and know it is just that a buisness. I have to do the work to get the results and I do the work on my time. I can do it with my four year old sitting next to me and finding the products I need and a 10 month old crawling on me. I can go to lunch with my kids after I make a delivery or reward myself for getting my book ten each month by taking the day off. It’s just like a real job folks, you have to do some work. As a side note, each week when I am queen of sales I include the time it took me to make the phone call, that led to the appointment and the return phone call or email for the guest list. Which at most is 15 to 20 mins total. My parties are about an hour and a half, I am very efficient and always prepared. It takes about 15 mins to set up if you pre profile, which takesaybe 15 to 20 mins and then at individual close I take my time, because I am building a relationship, not just selling a product. So total time is I really only do spend 3 to 3 and a half hours. Because it is about being efficient with your time. One of the things they teach you is time management. Yet I haven’t seen it mentioned.

  27. Lipstick says:

    Good points, lunamom, but I did all that while working a 50-60 hr /wk full time job.  It was much more than I wanted to do and I did not have the luxury of being a stay-at-home Mom.  I would have given anything to be able to work a job out of my home and still pay my bills and that is what I was looking for in MK.
    When you count your blessings, don’t forget to be extra thankful that you don’t HAVE to work outside the home and maintain your family and home at the same time.
    Please do not take my comments as being condescending or negative in any way, they are not meant to be.

    • Lipstick in  general to the comments I have been reading by you…im jw do u have a life? i am under the impression you didnt make it in MK because your very bitter, and don’t all people try to move up in a business? And I also believe the reason you hate MKso much is bc you are one of ” those woman” who did not see through there director and fell for buying inventory and such…or you just did not succeed… But you do realize those directors worked their way to where they are even if it did mean recruiting…but its not like thay MADE girl become consultants…get real you hate MK bc you failed at it end of story

      • Whaa I have a wonderful life post MK, thank you for asking!  It is so kind of you to determine I am a bitter person and MK did not work because of that…you don’t know me and you are being very presumtious making such a rude statement.  Don’t worry I’m not angry and bitter because of your incorrect judgment and  summary of my life.
        So tell me how successful are you in your MK business?  Are you a SD, do you have a team, do you recruit and push expensive inventory packages on your recruits.  Tell me about your wonderful life in MK and your success…or did you even join MK?
        I worked my MK business for 8.5 years and had up to 8 team members at one time, so if you are a newbie consultant or have never even joined MK you are making comments about something you know nothing about…so do tell me of your personal experience with MK.

  28. Quoting Lunamomo “Yes paint a true picture.  But also paint it fairly.  MK is not no work, it’s simple, but not easy.   But it does have some IMO very valuable benefits.  I could never do that with a regular job or even a part-time on the side job.  So for those considering this business take that into account as well.  You may indeed spend more than the hours the way too Pro-Mary Kay’ers say, but IMO they are not as tedious as the Anti-Mary Kay’ers make it out to seem.”

    That is true but it is also true that MK doesn’t guarantee any income whatsoever, no matter how many hours you put in.  It is a good “hobby” income but for a guaranteed income, I still believe a part time job, even at minimum wage, would yield a better per hour rate.

  29. lunamom says:

    To Lipstick and Tam..You make good points and 100% I respect your opinions.  (Momma didn’t raise a fool.  I would be STUPID if I didn’t listen to those who went before me.)  Lipstick, I have been blessed, but don’t think the “luxury” of staying at home has come cheaply.  My family goes without extra’s so that my youngest can at least get to the point of speaking very well before she goes to daycare.  In all honesty, this isn’t something that I would recommend to someone if they had to depend on it and I get it that that is where the ire comes from (some director misled someone with 99.9 %t guarantees of income and technically that .1% saves her from “false claims”) I’d be angry too.  However,  what I was looking for in MK is to try to stretch the family budget (sometimes going without extra’s means some bills are paid late.) And, so far that HAS happened.   I fortunately came in at a time when I had a little extra money.  Now, to all those out there, what MK tries to avoid saying out right is this……THERE IS A RISK, A SIGNIFICANT RISK OF FAILURE.  (Just say it, be honest, people like me will still join) HAVING SAID THAT…the flip side is that you may make some money (I personally wouldn’t say decent yet) on your own terms.  To many people that is something that you can’t place a value on.  This business is different for everybody. For me, if I can get another year of being able to stay home with my daughter then MK will have been worth it to me.  Some people want companionship and MK offers that as well.  Others want something else…u get the picture.
    All that for this parting thought.  Ladies, don’t overlook the negatives in this business–stare them right in the eye, but don’t cheapen the positives–I delivered product today 40 miles away, I only made 24 bucks but my kids and I got to see my mom. . .for sure a positive.  

  30. I’ve been looking around this site trying to get an idea of whether or not selling MK will be a good idea for me.  I’m a stay at home mum (not a luxury, but a huge sacrifice – we do without alot for the sake of my kids) and all  I need is a little extra cash flow, not a full time wage (that is, I need to pay for a cell phone as I now have a sick kid in school full time and need to be reached while off getting the groceries etc).  I wonder, when people talk about making alot or not making alot of money what they really mean?  What do/did you make and with what amount of time input a month? Thanks.

  31. to mummymelly:  That’s a tough one.  I’ll try to be as neutral as possible.  MK has not been a horror story for me, but neither did it yield the results that I had hoped.  In 3 months time I made maybe $200 bucks but that was because I was trying to recoup what I had invested.  I don’t remember exactly how much time I spent a week, but I would say that I was spending maybe 10-15 hrs a week actively working at the business.  Money wise, I don’t have the exact amounts broken down but I was trying to recoup my initial investment of about $1000 and then extras I thought I would need.  So I actually sold a decent amount maybe $2600, but I did not feel it was worth my time because so much of the profits were going back into the business.  To be honest 3 months I don’t think were enough to say if it would have been worth it in the long run, but I did not like the unpredictablity of what I would earn.   Right now, I may make about $20-30 a month with just the family and friends that occasionally order, but I have to admit that I do next to nothing.  Again I’ll say that what I didn’t like was the unpredictability, but the upside is that I enjoyed what I was doing, because I answered to no one.  My biggest piece of advise as to whether you should even try it, is to ask yourself if your family can afford to lose the $120 investment which is the starter kit, tax and shipping and if you like the product.  If the answer is no to either then I wouldn’t try.  Good luck whatever you decide.

  32. Nice answer lunamom and not in the least bit prejudiced…just the plain honest unvarnished truth!

  33. Bravo!  Best answer I have heard to this question! 

  34. whaa?  

    You could be more off base on your judgment of Lipstick if you tried. 

    In reference to your “halfway across the country” comment to my estimate of $ 40  in gas, that is for 2 trips – the party and the delivery.  At $ 3 a gallon, in my area, it doesn’t have to be half way across the COUNTY to cost $ 20 per trip. 

    I’m sure you are working your MK business very productively and sincerely hope you are doing well.  However, your go-give spirit is obviously only for your MK. 

  35. You COULD NOT – sorry be more off base on your judgment of Lipstick!

  36. Now, for all you ‘Positive Pollies’ in MK La-La-Land;

    Have you figured in your time for sorting/filing expense receipts for your taxes yet?  No?  oohhhh……..bummer.

    Has hubby actually SEEN said expense receipts?  No?  That could be a negative.

    We all hide/down play expenses for our hobbies when we really aren’t making money.
      At one time or another, everyone will justify what they do for what they want.  Yes, they will.

    For the last, and final, time:  put up your Schedule C’s or shut up, already.

    Trig, aka, ‘Negative Nellie’

  37. To all of you MK Haters:

    All I have to say is, THANK YOU!!!! As of yesterday I was as excited as a new bride. I was ready to become part of MK. I even bought some stuff from a lady that was leaving the business (Cosmetic carrier, samples, mirrors, even a coat! ha!) I only came to the internet to get tips on how to sell and I found this website instead. What an eye-opener! No way I am becoming a MK sales rep!  I guess I can sell the stuff that I bought today to somebody willing to go through all this!

    Thanks again!

    • mkdirector says:

      Mary Kay is truly an amazing company. As a director in the company for over 5 years now, I have had nothing but the easiest success and of course if you don’t work it like a business you wont see the results. So i worked it like a business and truly have an abundance of wealth, knowledge, courage, friends, dreams, etc. because of this business. I will be a NSD with the company and know that this is my future. You can’t knock it till you try it first of all. Also I am sure there are horrible MK people out there but there are so many more amazing ones, as the ones who hold it close to their hearts, it is FAITH, FAMILY and Career and it is all about Golden Rule and having no territories and no quotas, unless we choose to move up to higher levels.

      Go for it. Try it! You never know what it can be for your family. My husband has been able to retire very young as I am fully supporting and providing for my family!

    • Stephanie P. says:

      You are missing out.

  38. Hey Douche Bags, why don’t you stop arguing with each other and “slinging mud” and start trying to help each other sell Mary Kay. Isn’t that why we are all here?

    • Janice, name calling is not appropriate on this site. Our purpose is to inform others of the pitfalls, not promote MK. If selling MK and making a profit were possible, there would be no need for this site.
      Try reading around a little more before making obnoxious comments. Have a nice day!

      • Lipstick-

        I think your comment was pretty obnoxious, too. Obviously, calling people “douche bags” was not appropriate, but saying that “if making a profit through Mary Kay were possible, this site would not exist” is pretty obnoxious, too. Being an MK director means that you are in the top 2% of the company- I think that being a director is where you can actually have a dependable salary. Obviously, this isn’t easy, seeing as how only about 2% of consultants are Directors. Being an NSD is even more difficult- but you have to understand the way business works in order to make money at it. You have to spend money to make money- maybe you feel that you were pressured into buying inventory- I don’t know your situation- but you truly did have the opportunity to say no if you wanted to. You can’t expect to make money at your own business without investing some money to begin with- I think your comments show that you are pretty bitter about the whole experience. If you had a better understanding of how businesses work, you’d probably have been more successful- or at least have the wherewithal to know to blame yourself and not MK for your failure…

  39. Janice, your immaturity is showing.

    And no, this site isn’t about helping each other sell Mary Kay. If you took two minutes to explore the site, that would be obvious to you.

  40. Hey, be nice , because beauty is fun and so is beauty proudts and costmetics. So ,enjoy , because your supose to enjoy being beauiful.

  41. mary kay is a scam ,especally in aus ,you need to make a $1000 order each month!!! and cant order anything less so stupid.!

  42. I joined MK because the starter Kit was a good deal, and I want write offs at tax time. Sell what you can. I tell everyone that I sell MK and I am now being approached for product as I’m shopping. LOL. Who’d have thought I’d be having so much fun! I do not keep inventory because I see it as another opportunity to meet my customer when I deliver her products. I carry samples, but I make the suggestions, there is no free for all with my stuff. Sometimes if they want to try something else, I tell them I’ll order a sample and I’ll bring it over when it arrives…Oooo, another opportunity to meet my customer and share new trends and new products. When you visit smile, laugh and ask about their lives… Jot down birthdays and important dates. Develop conversation starters for down the road. You’ll be introduced to their friends and a potential new customer. Truly enjoy the people you meet. And if you want to sign up under me….we’ll have a good time first and be successful in the process.

  43. I am just have to chime in. My GF started selling MK in Aug and next month she will become a director. it is true that a lot of the money will go back into the business, but that is usually the case when you run your own. it’s all to secure a spot in the long run. i would suggest planning your MK business 6 months ahead. Like some of the people here say, “treat it like a business”. Most small business fail in the first 2 years. Plan and manage accordingly and you will be able to make ANY business work for you. She is very inspired and motivated by the people she has met and the many success stories she has heard. She has a full time job, baby sits/dog sits/house sits on occasion. She recently quit her job at a country club she had worked at part time for over 10 years. By next year MK might be her full time gig. Sharpen your networking swords and do your research/planning and you will succeed. Not just in MK, but in pretty much anything. Best of luck to all of you!

  44. Just an idea and some thoughts! I sold Mk a while ago, but this idea worked for me and perhaps for you…First, my friends were not interested in hosting parties/classes for me and they usually didn’t have any money, so I started looking outside my friends. I asked every girl or lady I met or ran into if they would be interested in modeling for me. I mentioned I was just starting out and laughed! But was in a contest to do 25 beauty make overs this week or month. The only thing they needed to be willing to do was to let me take their before/after picture and fill out a simple questionaire…Most were really excited and flattered to be models. I looked for a variety of different ages including, a young mother, a 16 yr old girl, an older professional lady, a grandmother and a teacher. With their before and after pic’s I made a 4×4 pic’s and lamenated them and made put 5 of them on a key chain. And carried it everywhere I went. Yes, it was bulky and drew attention!!
    But, let me tell you, it got a huge response!!! Immediately, every girl everywhere wanted to see it, and most had tried MK before and asked if I had a certain color lipstick, eye color, foundation, face cream….etc….I’d say honestly, of everyone who looked at my key chain, as much as 70-80% ordered something on the spot!! And many booked facials…And all reordered!!! Some recruited!!
    As far as keeping inventory, if you want to make customers fast, keep as much as you can afford!! I always carried a case of lipsticks (in a cooler) around in my car…This always paid off!!! My director advised, offer discounts only on things like lipsticks, eye colors, -things women want to buy two or three of ….think about it…..If you offer a discount every time or inorder to get someone to buy something, you’ll always feel like you have to give a discount…..Instead of discount, offer a free lipstick or mascara for xxx amount….just something to think about!
    Good luck with your business…Enjoy it as much as possible, people will want to join your team if you are having fun and truely enjoying it!

  45. Wow! So many different opinions on Mary Kay! Well here is my story…
    I love my business, I love getting out and about meeting new people- the good the bad and the ugly. My job is to make them beautiful and make them feel beautiful. Go into this with an open mind, but think positive, be positive and never give up!
    I never out pocket myself
    I do not keep extra stock for sales: my customers do not mind waiting for there products.
    I book 2 classes at the beginning of every month, and I make sure my sales reach $500 to begin with before I confirm a payment, this means I can purchase a further $500 product free, for my inventory to show at classes I hold. ( $1000 order costs $500)
    Then for the rest of the month I pocket 50% on everything I sell. This works well for me!
    I secure bookings using my beauty box, which I sit in public places where I know lots of women will go! I also ask women when I’m out and about if they have heard of Mk before.
    I follow up on every customer, and 8 times out of 10 on the 3rd month they re order! Stick in there, even if you feel your having a bad week, things will always take a turn for the better if you stay positive!

  46. Aroha Adkisson says:

    Well im a mary kay beauty consultant and what i did was that i created my own free facial coupons then i printed them and started handing them out along with handing out catalogs. IT works. ON the coupon it sayy MAry KAy then free facial coupon then my information. i jsut started mary kay the other day and one lady came up to me and asked me what i was doing i was giving my first faicial to my sister inlaw and she asked me if I had a catalog she was explaining to me about avon and i said instantly mary kay is better etc. And i gave her a catalog and my free coupon. ON my first day out on the job omg. Then with my first facial practice was successful and i have a potiential buyer maybe two. IN one day. You cant beat that and i had fun doing it plus another tip that is helpful. Not only do i give free facials but i also carry a foot spa with me and i give them a choice would you like a fot spa cleansing or a facial cleansing? which makes it even more exciting for them to want to buy products from mary kay plus also with my facials i announced that my first ten facials get a freee gift. It works. I m so proud of myself.

    • What free gift do you usually offer?

    • Kimberly says:

      Well, Aroha, apparently you don’t need to be able to type a complete a sentence to sell Mary Kay, nor do you need to be proficient in English grammar. I wish you much success with your Mary Kay business, and my hope for you is that, somewhere along the way, you learn how to use your spell check and check grammar features, and learn the concepts of pronunciation, proofreading, and punctuation.

  47. Mary Kay is not for everyone. Owning a business period is not for everyone because people don’t want to do the leg work. Some people would rather someone tell them what to do, how to do it and when to do it and get a paycheck that barely pays the bills. I started with Mary Kay in May and I LOVE IT! I am a single mother working over 50 hrs at my job. I can’t travel the world on this income. I can’t look forward to be recognized. If anything, I do good and don’t hear anything but if I mess up one time, I will get written up. Mary Kay has provided an opportunity for me to leave a legacy for my children. It is making it possible for me to make my dreams come true. You have to have the desire to be successful. You have to be able to get back up after the no’s. “Success is achieved when we are willing to let go of what is comfortable and reach into the unknown with Faith”

  48. Posey mom says:

    Those are great ideas, but what do you do when your in a very small dual area and the SC has gown over board with recruiting? I know everyone has skin but that doesn’t make them a customer. My husband is in military and right now for the next two years we are stuck on an installation where there are many consultants. You really can not throw a rock and not hit someone selling something if not Mary Kay, then Avon or something else. When I am out getting leads, I have gotten eye rolls, allegery excuses, my mom sells, I buy from my sister who sells, if I give a discount to get them booked guess how much they spend, just enough to use the discount and keep my sells below a 100. Family/friends really not interested.
    I get that to move up in the company you should sign ladies up but that leaves a lasting impression on everyone you talk to. Usually not a good one from what I am seeing.
    I get everyone that signs on sells for different reason and my SD swears that means more customers for you if they are only buying for the discount.
    I just want a simple little store, do facial/parties and that’s it for now.
    I do the little drop off box and I get fake leads, immature little brats.
    I don’t go anymore to the Monday meetings because they only sample the repair kit and not everyone needs that so I lose sells because the girls see it as a waste of time and they so sooooo busy they can’t schedule again with me to try miracle set which is more what they need.

    I have spoken to more than 200 people and make calls galore, the impression I am getting is this area is tapped out!

    For me it is never a 500 or more party. I am great full for the clients I have, but if I am only really selling lip balm and eyeliner how does my business survive until we can move to a larger area. If feels like I am truly competing with the other consultants and that can be hard on friendships.

  49. All i know is that my wife signed up a month ago and has done 2k in retail in her first month. I support her 100% even before she sold a penny.

    Being in business is an uphill struggle for anyone. Not for the timid of faint hearted. I see lots of negativity about MK out there. Quite frankly, I am appreciative to sites like pinktruth for weeding out those that are going to give up anyway. MORE SALES FOR US!

  50. alishia b. says:

    Hello everyone. My names alishia and I’m wanting to join marykay. I’m actually going to be hosting partys to earn my kit. I have a great consultant that’s helping me, my mom, and my sister in law. She gave me alott of ideas that’s worked for her that I’m eager to try out. During the party that was held today a consultant got up amd talked about her life story and, why she joined marykay. It made me realise that moms with kids and women that needs the extra money have something to fall back on. My consultants working on her fith car and, she’s gott three kids. Its something that’s just sounding better and, better. I havnt yet had any bad experiences and I’m hopeing I don’t. I want to be able to pay off my student loans and, medical bills. But as someone that’s going to be starting soon is there any advise you ladies can give that’s not just working extremly hard because I’m already planning on putting my all into this. But, just out of curiosity if there’s something you ladies wish you did diffrently…please share those with me.. because any lil advise can go a long way.

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