Can you rejoin Mary Kay if you returned inventory to the Company?

Every so often, I get an email from someone who sent product back to Mary Kay years ago and now wants to know if there is any way they can sell Mary Kay again.

It was made abundantly clear by the Directors in my area that if you sent any products back to the Company to take advantage of the 90% buy back that you could NEVER be a Consultant again. But is that true?

The Consultant Agreement states the following:

Consultants who return merchandise to Company are not eligible to rejoin Mary Kay as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

That seems pretty straight-forward.

However, if you think that you can’t ever, ever, ever be a Mary Kay Consultant again if you return inventory to the Company you would be WRONG.

From my experience and observations, Mary Kay Inc. makes exceptions to this rule all the time. I, myself, successfully recruited two people who had previously returned merchandise. Two of the Directors I worked with had gotten someone reinstated numerous times.

In each of these instances, Mary Kay Inc. simply asked that the potential new recruit write a letter to the company explaining why they returned merchandise in the past and why they now wanted to be allowed back in.

And one other thing: The new recruit also had to come in with a significant initial inventory order.

I don’t know if this new inventory order was required to get the person reinstated, but I’m guessing it had a lot to do with it. I never knew anyone who got back in without coming in as a Star Consultant, which was at least $1800 wholesale.

So if you returned your inventory to the Company years ago and now have a yearning to sell Mary Kay again, don’t despair. There are always exceptions to every rule, especially when accompanied by cash.



  1. My upline said this a lot. If you returned product to the Company, you could never come back in as a Consultant.  But MK Corp has made exceptions as described above. So, never say never.

  2. rethinkingpink says:

    My one and only recruit during my time in MK was a woman who’d sent product back under the 90% buy-back back in the ’80’s.  I didn’t hear anything about her having to make a significant order to come back in, but my sales director told me not to mention inventory at all until she could “present it all in a professional, outlined manner” to my recruit herself.  She ended up doing a huge order, it was a star order but I don’t remember which.  I just remember being shocked because it took her so long to do so that I just thought she didn’t want to.  After that “professional presentation” from Ms. Greedypants Sales Director, she shelled out.  I felt really bad because she got in to make money to help get her family out of debt they already had.

  3. I had a consultant rejoin who had sent her product back. She was able to rejoin without any problem. Placed a $200 order no problem. Our motto..Order what you can sell. anything any director tells you is just advice. You make your own decisions ladies. It is your business.  My director reminds me of this often. You make it what you want. Put your heart into taking care of your customers and you will do well and make some great friends for life too. Treat your customers the way you love to be treated. That is it!  There are some great products and we have an opportunity to earn extra money selling them instead of some store getting the profits.  If your Director is greedy and tells you something and you don’t feel right about don’t do it.

  4. “You make your own decisions ladies. It is your business.”

    Sure, everyone makes their own decisions. But ignoring the pressure tactics used by Directors and the Company is naive.

    And it certainly ISN’T your business.





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