The Mary Kay Car Program

Do Mary Kay consultants actually win free cars?

The Mary Kay Pink CadillacHow much Mary Kay do you have to sell to get a pink Cadillac?

One of the most asked about, and most misunderstood, features of Mary Kay is the car program. Since the beginning of the company’s car program in 1969, Mary Kay claims that over 100,000 consultants have earned the use of a Mary Kay career car or taken the optional cash compensation.

Clearing Up A Few Misconceptions

First of all, in order to earn the use of a Mary Kay car, you have to build a team. That means you have to sign up others to sell Mary Kay as well.

And those people need to place a minimum amount of product orders with the company. These wholesale orders of you and your team members are called your “production”. To qualify for the car at the “Grand Achiever” level, a consultant must build their team to 12 members and have a minimum “production” of $18,000 within 4 months. That means your average monthly production is $4,500. You may only contribute $4,000 of the $18,000 toward the requirement.

You can get all the specifics in the Career Car Program Guidelines and the Career Car Specs documents, as well as all the other documents in our Car Program documents section.

So You Got the Car. Now What?

Once a consultant “wins” their car, they DO NOT own it, nor do they get to keep it unless they and their team maintain a specified level of production for every month that follows. Mary Kay actually calls the arrangement a “Co-op Lease”. Depending on the net production of your team, you will either owe the full lease payment, a portion of it, or nothing. The lease agreement lasts for 24 months. If you fail to meet minimum production requirements for several months, you will lose the car.


  1. Hmm you are right there are certain areas that promote nothing but recruiting and seeing people as a number and not a person.  If you are happy keep doing what you are doing.  You will know when to run when they start to promote HUGE inventory packages.

  2. My name is alexia and I have been selling mk for a year in a half and I love it!! Its been hard at times to keep the sales but I enjoy it and know I can make goal is to sell 4,500 a month and im doing about 2,200 a month my money making is ok but I know I can do director lupita is very supportive and keeps you active and motivated that’s what makes me enjoy working for mk because all the people I know are very helpful, motivated, and most of all SUPPORTIVE!! =)

  3. I am thinking about a career with Mary Kay Cosmetics. Any Suggestions?

    • Its a great opportunity, but like anything in life you have to work for what you want.
      So don’t look at the scary messages. Look for potential Sr Consultant that have the time to train you and mentor you and you will be successful.

  4. BabyBlues says:

    Michele~ As you are looking into doing Mary Kay, My suggestion is research.. research and then a little more research…Listen to both the negatives and the positives and realize the real truth is a mix of both…Do ONLY what YOU feel comfortable doing!  Best of luck to you!   Hope to see you inside…

  5. Michele,

    Check out the forum here before you sign up for MK!  It’s free, just click on forum on the top left side of the page and sign in.  There’s a LOT of more info and u can also ask questions!  Join  us and check it out!  Well worth ur time!  There’s alot more than MK but some really good info on it !

  6. Well I wouldn’t say “all that crap” beautybycandice  I think different women are motivated differently- and it  is good to go to the meetings if you can to see the diversity of women all striving for similar goals.  Each woman’s “why” their in the business is different.  I never was much of a cheerleader and the girls on my team are all VERY different some don’t even wear makeup, but they are all  in Mary Kay to succeed and to be around positive influences.  You can be open minded and try many different avenues to find a way to work your business, that is the beauty of it – it is your business! Do what works for you.  I have been in the business since October and I do fantastic working 1-2 days a week and internet sales help a lot.   Truly most of my orders are shipped out of state.  I carry my Mary kay purse and wear my pin and that attracts a few faces.  But the more I do skin care classes- the more rewarded I feel because women really do want to be pampered and they get to win free stuff and feel pretty and when they get to try before they buy- you develop trusting relationships with these girls.  When a new product comes out- if you think it is for them – they appreciate it!  If you decide you want to do this just to get your products at cost and order a couple times a year I say do it- $100 is a very small investment and the reward could be amazing!  I am a positive leader now (not a salesperson) but if anyone would like to join my team or has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

  7. trudie says:


    I’m done here…..  Just for the sheer fact that you allow these people to post their personal information such as this and not remove it.  I could go on to explain why it is that I feel so strongly about this, but I won’t waste our time.

    I’ve enjoyed my time here at PL.  Huge thanks to all of the ladies who aided in my healing process post Mary Kay.

    Love to all of you,


  8. Lipstick says:

    Trudie, I sure hate to see you go, you have been a great part of our PLH family and a good friend and contributor to what makes this site special.  I hope you reconsider, you will be missed!
    I echo your concern that people post their personal information and it is not removed.
    I am hoping that LJ just has not seen this information and had an opportunity to remove it.
    Hugs to you, Trudie!

  9. Trudie, you can stay or go. Your choice. I think your reaction is a little extreme.  If you’re that offended that quickly and make such a snap decision based on a snippet of personal info…well, *I* could go on as well, but it simply isn’t worth it.

    I removed her phone number. I’m sorry I didn’t see that sooner. But other than that, there’s nothing new in her comment that we haven’t seen from other active consultants who show up to provide their side of the story, complete with glowing recommendations and most likely hoping to snag a recruit.

    And for future reference, if anyone ever feels there is a post here that should be reported to me because of language, spamming, personal info or similar things, all you have to do is us the Contact link and send me a message about it.

  10. Wow, its really nice to see that even although you feel that ALL of that is crap and a waste of time that you are still in the business? Uhh!
    I am wondering why? because what I am hearing and maybe its just me that you are unhappy with the other MK women/company? and if that isn’t what you meant to say that is what came out LOUDLY, and the only reason that I say or care to share this with you is that I am also in MK just for a few minutes….lol but that makes anyone else that is already “tense” and worried about the process be skeptical.
    Best Regards and much success.

    • lunamom says:

      Tasleemah..I think people should be skeptical.  I am in the business and it is working for me….HOWEVER, if you have read this site then you will realize that there are a lot of people who will not look out for you.  People should be skeptical about any venture and find out as much as they possibly can before they make a decision.  Also, in my opinion, the meetings were not very productive.  There were a few sessions that did give me ideas to “work the biz,” but it wasn’t anything that I couldn’t get myself on Intouch.

  11. Unless you are a HUGE HUGE HUGE go getter, have great communication skills, Great personality, and have tons of friends or know how to make friends easily, MARY KAY just will not work for you.. It will be a huge waste of time.. Trust me. It’s fun if you can make it fun, it’s easy if you can make it easy. If you or a boring, dull, person, with no friends or drive you will suck.. I have done this for years and I have seen who pulls in the money and who fails miserably. I have seen many shy people with no personality try but always fail. It is only the lively people that make it.. TRUST ME!!!

  12. I agree with Lipstick!  There is a LOT they don’t tell you about the car!  IMO, the car program is a joke, go lease whatever kind you want for a much lower rate or just buy it outright! 

    There are different ones available for team leaders and unless you are a recruiting machine, you don’t get PINK until you make Director, and what is the # now, 24 recruits?  all active?  If your recruits don’t order, you make the payments! 

    Read the fine print, twice!

  13. I’m already a consultant and I always look for good suggestions. What kind of support can you give.  Thank You

  14. Melanie says:

    Just wanted to say no matter what you do in life, sell MK, or not. You make your progress in life, onlyyou can decide how far you want to go. I recently decided to try and take part in the PINK team. I am a very positive person and look forward to meetin new people and hopefully making some money!!

    • Melanie – I wish you luck but would STRONGLY advise you to check out the forum BEFORE you purchase inventory!  Most women go into this to make money and immediately are told “you can’t sell from an empty wagon” and end up in debt!  Please take a few minutes to check out the forum – it’s free and quick!  Post any questions you have and we will answer them honestly! 

  15. To Lipstick and people making similar comments…
    There is no reason to sarcastically criticize others for their enthusiasm. To make it seem as if a potential new consultant is in all reality a potential new victim is nonsense. Anyone presented with the Mary Kay opportunity is at liberty to do her own research on the program’s demands and benifits before commiting. If she elects to rush into the business before thinking it through, she will suffer the consequences of her own decision.

  16. So does the company you work for give you a new Car to drive?  If not I would love to contact you about our opportunity,  Being a nurse is a great job. But working for yourself and working to help other women get their lives in good working condition is another.    I lo0ve my career.  Contact me if you are interested in a Mary Kay  Career.  Sincerely,  Sincerely Terri

  17. Terri, you’re leaving out some important facts, dear.  The car is not yours and its not free, you have to work your butt off getting new recruits and keeping all of your team members ordering so you make production every month and if you don’t there is the co-pay!  You have to requalify every 2 years and if you want to keep the old car you have to buy it…just a glorified lease program at a price much higher than you would pay if you leased it outright, w/o Mary Kay paint job!
    When you recruit somebody do you tell them it’s all about what YOU get out of the deal?  Probably not, too busy weaving that dream that will hook you some fresh blood (I mean money)!

  18. To Lipstick and people making similar comments…
    There is no reason to sarcastically criticize others for their enthusiasm. To make it seem as if a potential new consultant is in all reality a potential new victim is nonsense. Anyone presented with the Mary Kay opportunity is at liberty to do her own research on the program’s demands and benifits before commiting. If she elects to rush into the business before thinking it through, she will suffer the consequences of her own decision.

  19. Denali,

    Most of us were rushed by the recruiters BEFORE we had an opportunity to do any research!  “Is there any reason why you can’t join today?”  If a consultant relies upon her recruiter for ordering advice, and she has a recruiter who is in need of production, in my opinion, that consultant will end up a victim!