Mary Kay Recruiting Brochure

A tri-fold brochure showing Mary Kay Ash, facts about MK, and reasons to join!

Mary Kay Tri-Fold Recruiting Brochure


  1. Blessed says:

    I have been in Mary Kay for a few months and I am LOVING every moment of it. I worked and went to school and I had no time for myself,family, or my friends. I was always tired and I never felt I had time for nothing but work and school. Now that I sell Mary Kay product I am making double what I made when I was working. O did I mention I quit my job. I am paying for my schooling and I just got a brand new car and put half  of what the car is worth down and drove of the lot a very happy women. I am only 18 and I have money to do like I want to with without asking my parents.  This is  great oppurtinity and I love it I can work anytime I want and I AM MY OWN BOSS!!
    It is a great oppurtinity for women especially younger women. Try it what will it hurt to just try

  2. Lipstick says:

    Blessed, glad you are dong well.  Be sure to post and let us know how you are doing when you have exhausted your warm market (family, friends, fellow students,  co-workers) and do be careful of buying items that you don’t have an order for or personally use.  When your warm market dries up you might be stuck with the inventory.

    Best of luck to you!

    • Lipstick: EVERY single comment of yours I have seem on this site has been negative! How do you absolutely know that she wasn’t just busting her butt and doing well? I don’t know what kind of experience you have had with Mary Kay but dear god don’t you think maybe other people should get to have their own experiences as well?? Mary Kay wasn’t for you, ok big deal, it’s not for a lot of people BUT the exact opposite is true for a lot of other people so why do you insist on being a buzz kill….or are you just unhappy w/ your life story? Seriously you should change your screen name to Debbie Downer so people will know to look over your horrible, nasty, and mean comments…..If you are so over Mary Kay why are you even on this site???

      • One would have to wonder…if MK is so great, why are YOU so obsessed with commenting on and tearing down someone here? Shouldn’t you be out selling someone some MK and the “opportunity”? The whole point of this site is to open people’s eyes to the games of MLM.

      • Lipstick says:

        Mandaj, i am way past MK and moved on long ago. You happened to respond to a post that was dated almost 3 yrs ago. Why do I stay on this site? I have wonderful lifetime friends I have met here who helped me get over MK.
        I like to point out the pitfalls of MK to anyone who cares to listen to the voice of experience and save them some of the mistakes I made. I worked my MK business for 8.5 yrs and could never catch that elusive 6 figure income that all the SD’s and NSD’s tout. In fact I claimed losses on my taxes ALL of those years.
        I’m guessing that you are angry and you are hanging around because like me, visiting this site and reading the posts of those who have been in MK is leaving little niggling doubts about how great the “opportunity” is.
        It’s OK to be angry with me, but don’t quit reading because of me. Click on the forum button and register to become a member. You will find a lot of women who will support you whether you decide to stay in MK or to leave. There is something for everyone and believe me we talk about a lot more than MK.
        I hope to see you in the forum some day and good luck to you. Don’t shoot the messenger because you don’t like the message.

  3. CrazyStacy says:

    Well I signed on Mary Kay already 1 year ago and all i gota say is I LOVE IT !!!! Yes it is hard to build your custoemr list and/or your team but is’nt that in any Company… All I gotta say is I love my Director she has helped me in so many way… Mary Kay has helped me financially becasue when i did not have extra money before i did not know where to get it from … Now i have a way if I want that Starbucks coffee or to help put $ in my Daughters bank account all i have to do is sell!!! I also started out with Family and friends and yes they get tired of hearing but that is why you start with them so that you may outsource the people around them I now do not have to bother my friends and family because they were able to help supoort me in the begining by referrals that do like the skin care or the make up … now i am set and see if my customers have anyone that they may know to expand more…. love the quality of the friendship you build here in Mary Kay … it helps me as a better person … Thank you Mary Kay for giving me this opportunity … I do not care what people think I am happy where I am and where I am going ….

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