If you sell enough Mary Kay, you win a free car!


First of all, you could sell $200,000 of Mary Kay this year and you wouldn’t earn a car.

Second…notice how I said “earn?”

Those cars aren’t free. And you don’t earn them by selling tons of products.

You earn cars by recruiting others into the company. Then, those recruits of yours need to place a product inventory order. That’s the simplified version.

Once you earn the car, you’ll find you’re in a two-year lease agreement with Mary Kay Inc.

You will be required to make a car lease payment every month, unless the production of your unit is high enough to completely cover your lease payment.

You can find more info on the Mary Kay Car Program on this site and on the Mary Kay InTouch site.


  1. thank you for being so welcoming! I sure will come in.

  2. I have been doing MK for a couple of months now and thanks to this site I knew all the traps that I could fall in and Im avoiding them like the plague..I did notice the first 3 times I commented on my directors pink cadillac she did not smile she simply said thank you with a sad look on her face…Now she badgers me to place orders for crap for inventory and so on and everytime I simply talk about that ” wonderful car” I would love to have one day and it completely gets her off my back..I think she knows that I know she pays for that car lol…BTW my goal is not that car..My goal is selling and zero recruiting …But I dont think she gets that yet

    • Rev Steff says:

      That’s the beauty of MK.  You get to take advantage of any part of the marketing plan you wish.  If you don’t want to recruit no problem!  You can sell, sell, sell and make 50% of every sale!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!

    • Mary Kay is a Beautiful thing! You get to choose your own Career path! Although the income possiblities grow larger as you grow into a leader, you do not have to take advantage of those things if you don’t want to! I love this company! And I want to share it with others, I am so glad someone showed me Mary Kay, I know there are others like me waiting to find Mary Kay. Whether I recruit on not I feel it is my obligation as a person to share the wonderful business I have stumbled upon. No one should keep great things to themsleves! :)

  3. Amanda,
    Way to go!  That is why so many of us continue to post here – besides it’s an absolute blast in the forum!  You are welcome to join us there and find out for yourself!  We do have current IBC’s and talk about everything, not just MK, actually very little MK!  LOL
    Just keep YOUR goals in mind and work it YOUR way!  Congrats!  Hope you join us in the forum, just click “forum” upper left!

  4. that is not true i do mary kay and i dont pay 4 my car and its a pink cadilac

    • Maria – I do as well – I love my car and it is free!  What I don’t think people understand is that just like any job that gives you a company car to drive – if you don’t keep doing that job – you won’t be able to keep driving that car for free. If a corporate company gave their employee a company car to drive for free but that employee didn’t do the work and didn’t show up for work – they wouldn’t get to keep the car.  Mary Kay is the exact same way – you keep working your business and the company rewards you by paying for everything on that lease vehicle.  I loev it being a lease vehicle because that means they take care of everything – the plates, the insurance, the registration, any maintenance – everything!

      I don’t understand the mentality that once you earn the car you shouldn’t have to continue to work to keep it.  And yes – you do earn it – just like we say someone “won” a sports game – they didn’t just win it – they earned it through hardwork, training and skill – just like those that earn a car in Mary Kay.

      • Rev Steff says:

        AMEN!  Well said.  I earned 3 cars while I was in MK, and I look forward to earning more when I return to the United States!  Yes, when I did not meet the required production, I did have to contribute to my lease payment, however, that payment just came out of the commission check that the company paid me based on the production my unit did have.  So it is earned, but you do have to keep working to maintain.  If you don’t work or produce at your J.O.B. you will undoubtedly get fired.  Go figure..with MK you have the control on whether or not you are fired. LOL

  5. BabyBlues says:


  6. Lies…. all lies….. go get a life ladies. Im sorry you havent earned a car, that sucks for you, but with negative, rude attitudes like that, you dont belong in MK anyway.

  7. One more thing….. it never says you “WIN” a car, it says “EARN” the use of a MK career car. Get your story straight before you suck people into your depressing ridiculous balck hole of a life.

    • If you understood what you were reading you’d know that the title of this item says “win” because that is the way it is presented to recruits in Mary Kay. The directors almost always say “you can win a car” not “you can earn a car.” What’s fun about earning after all?! Make it sound fun!

  8. YOU don’t “EARN” the use of it either!  YOUR TEAM “EARNS” the right for you to drive the car! 

    • It’s a team effort – you can’t “earn” anything in this business without helping others to succeed and move up in this business.  Most the work is put in by the car driver – as it’s based on her doing the appts to meet the people to share the information with and recruit those women.  She has to personally recruit 14 women. 

      People get so upset by the term “free” as nothing is “free” in life – you have to work for it and if you work and meet the requirements – then it is monetarilly free – the company pays for everything – but yes you have to work and continue to work for it. That’s the hard part – people most often aren’t willing to put in the work.

  9. Lipstick says:


    “Most the work is put in by the car driver – as it’s based on her doing the appts to meet the people to share the information with and recruit those women. She has to personally recruit 14 women.”

    Exploiting other women to achieve your own personal gain is a poor way to “earn” anything. JMO

    MK definition of “Team” My team orders product = I get the use of a car for free

    • One MaryKay consultant recruits fourteen women or men and earns the right to drive a MK car, this gives these men or women either a full time or part time job (whichever they decide) to make extra money- fifty percent profit. And out of them posibly one or two decide they want to recruit fourteen more people to earn theirselves the right to drive a company car (for free).. these new fourteen people are selling Mary Kay products at their individual paste and are making fifty percent profit..extra cash. So one person is helping the other either way its a win win situation.. How is that exploiting someone else for your own personal gain? If anything they’re helping others, plus only someone who is truly interested will agree to join, no one has a gun pointed at them forcing them to join. Plus if they’re not interested they can leave and receive 90 percent of whatever they paid for back.

  10. Hello ladies! I joined Mary Kay on January 28th 2012! I love all of the ladies in my Mary Kay family, young and old. We are a family because our company is set on FAMILY & CHRISTIAN VALUES and we all desire success <3. Why wouldn't you want to help someone be successful in your family? Mary Kay is giving so many women in the United States a chance to make their dreams come true! When it comes to anything in life, dreams haveto be earned. Not once was I told that I would "win" a car. I was told before I joined that If I wanted to be successful in this company, then I had to earn it. Mary Kay gives you all of the tools to achieve your dreams! It is up to you to really want it. Be true to yourself. The more you doubt our company, the more you doubt yourself!

    • Love your comment on the pink light house.com site about the business your exactly right. These people are downing the Marykay business, Marykay gave each of us consultants all the tools to be sucessful , this is a company that you will not be turned down for being a woman in a mans world, and not get promoted… You work hard you will climb the ladder to success.

  11. “Christian values” do not include deceipt and half-truths. As a mother of an MK consultant, I have watched with great sadness as my daughter has given an evangelical-style “testimony,” every time I see her for twenty years, about how much Mary Kay has done for her. Here’s how much it’s done for her: She blames herself because she can’t sell her speel to enough people after all these years to make a living as a single mother, like Mary Kay did. This college graduate has been on a treadmill of depression all these years. Meanwhile, she justifies why she doesn’t need or want a “real job” while drawing food stamps and getting free lunches for her children, claiming losses year after year on her business the way she says the company tells her she is allowed to do! I quit long ago trying to reason with her. She is way too brain-washed in believing that her mother is nuts for being a non-believer! She tells me that the IRS has audited and CLEARED those they audited for tax fraud. After all, that’s what she’s learned at Mary Kay meetings, of course. It makes no sense. Mary Kay should be listed in the top things women do to mess up their lives–thought I know a few get really lucky and paraded as fine examples. I still see it as a religious cult.

    • Well said Dee.

    • RealDeal says:

      Mary Kay’s principle is not about religion nor is it a religious cult. It’s Faith, Family,Career. She nor anyone within the organization promotes one or any “religion”.

      • Lipstick says:

        RealDeal, REALLY! define Faith and yes MK says in her own biography that her business was based on building a career that allows women to put God 1st, family 2nd and career 3rd.
        Maybe those that now run MK state it differently, but up until Sept 2007, when I returned my product, it was stated that way.
        As far as a religious cult, maybe not to everyone, but there is no denying that many use faith and religion to build their teams and attract women of faith to the business and there is lots of scripture quoted at the unit meetings and rah rah sessions and even Seminar. Those who are not successful are often told Faith and Fear cannot exist in the same environment. Translation: you must not have enough Faith or you would be successful…”Satan (Fear) get thee behind me.”

  12. Im sorry but i must say this about mary kay, i made $200 in one week of selling, I’m a mother and I’m broke as hell but the only way that you put your self in a bind with mary kay is if you keep buying things for yourself instead of putting money back to buy things to help your new MK adventure get bigger and stronger, i love MK it has done so much for me and my two little girls i can actually go out and buy them toys and nice clothes, about the car no one lies to you your directer tells you right when you walk threw that door that you COULD win a car for no cost witch you can if you work hard like at any other job not that you will get a car for free and your happy go lucky! I don’t care what any one thinks about it I’m walking proof its financially wonderful i don’t even want the car i want my 50% and the make up for my face cause its the best thing that has happened yet! Thank you MARY KAY for making my life financially better for me and my family.

  13. I love MK it supports me and my family and never once has my director told me the car was free she said you could work hard to get a car almost free, anyways you can’t put your self in a binde if you learn to manage money, thanks to MK I’m making money just buy putting the word out about the company, the products sell is self.

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