Anatomy of a Mary Kay Script

This is by NSD Pamela Waldrop-Shaw:

“When you have a “skeleton” of a potential script, an outline if you will, you can absolutely go anywhere! You’ll never be out of words, and you’ll never need anyone to write you a script again if you master this line of thinking. It doesn’t matter if you are calling to: 1) Book a facial/class, 2) Do a “drop by” selling appointment, 3) Book a seasonal makeover, 4) Invite a guest to an event, 5) Schedule an interview, or 6) Ask for a reorder; the sequence is the same!


Enthusiasm – (pretend your favorite sports team is winning…that’s the tone of voice). “Hi, Suzie!”

Curiosity – “I’m so excited, do you have a quick second?” (She is wondering, “why is she so excited?”)

Purpose – Include the “challenge” you are in from your director, time limit by the company, promotion, etc. “The reason I’m calling is that October is Customer Appreciation Month, and my director challenged me to call my 10 sharpest customers first because on Monday, we are having our success event, and I would love to introduce you to my MK buddies as one of my best customers. I’d also love for you to see how this business works from the inside, and I’d be so proud to have you there with me…we’ll also be doing pre-holiday makeovers, and I know you’d love the inside scoop on color for the season.”

Specific Plan – “It’s this Monday, October _________, at the ___________. The event begins at __________and I’ll pick you up at ___________. We dress professionally in a skirted outfit or suit…”

WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) – “…and as a thank you for your time, I’ll have a _____ for you!”

Ask – “…is there any reason why you couldn’t join me this Monday?”

Confirm – “Great! Of course you know you can count on me, and I’ll confirm the RSVP to my director for the two of us, and I’ll pick you up at _________; and of course I’ll have that special ________ for you! I know we’ll have a great time!”

OK, your turn, give it a try! When you “know” what to say, getting business on your date book is EASY!!

Our note: (But she doesn’t mention how hard it is to keep the business on your date book!)

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